Nordic Resistance Movement local election candidates 2022video

Nordic Resistance Movement candidate videos – 2022 municipal council elections

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Resistance Media presents campaign videos for five of the Nordic Resistance Movement candidates standing in the municipal elections on Sunday 11 September.
Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Swedenvideo

The Nordic Resistance Movement VS the Left Party in Munkedal

ACTIVISM. The Left Party planned to demonstrate against the Nordic Resistance Movement in Munkedal, but the Resistance Movement stole the Left Party’s intended venue...
Nicklas Norling, Nordic Resistance Movement speechvideo

Municipal election in Ludvika: Interview with Nicklas Norling

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. An interview with the long-time activist and third candidate in Ludvika Municipality, Nicklas Norling. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you...

Evicting anti-fascists in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 chase away the red plague and confiscate their banners.  On the morning of Saturday 6 August, activists from Nest 1 went...
Nordic Days 2022 Nordic Man of the Year boxingvideo

Video and photos from Nordic Days 2022

NORDIC DAYS. A video and selection of photos taken at this year's Nordic Days event. Report from the event: Nordic Days 2022


Reflection on the National Day of Sweden: Under which banner should...

SYMBOLISM. Simon Holmqvist wrote the following article for the National Day of Sweden 2017, explaining why the Nordic Resistance Movement does not use the...

What is National Socialism?