Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

Street activism and physical tests – Day of action in Gothenburg

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Last Saturday brought a full day of activism and training exercises for Resistance Movement members and activists in Gothenburg. Members and activists of...
Strawberry cream cake with flags served on Sweden's National Day

National Day celebrations around Sweden

NATIONAL DAY. Celebrations of Sweden’s National Day took place around the country on 6 June. As previously reported, there was a celebration with speeches by...
Nordic Resistance Movement speech, Jönköping, Småland

Sweden’s Nest 7 hold town square meetings in four Småland towns

ACTIVISM. Jönköping, Nässjö, Vetlanda and Eksjö were all visited by Sweden’s Nest 7 for public speeches on Saturday. The day began in Jönköping, outside the...
NRM Nest 5 National Day 2022 Simon Lindberg speech

A celebration of fellowship – National Day gathering in Sweden’s Nest 5

NATIONAL DAY. Nest 5 met in the summer sun to celebrate Sweden’s National Day in a spirit of fellowship on 6 June. On Sweden’s National...
Nordic Resistance Movement "Nato Go Home" action, Stockholm, Sweden

“Nato, Go Home!” – Protest action in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 held a protest action against Nato in Stockholm in connection with this year’s Baltops military exercise. On Saturday 4 June, activists...


National Socialism in Practice

IDEOLOGY. Are our detractors right when they claim our soup kitchens for disadvantaged Swedes are a “PR trick”? Are such tactics populism? Fredrik Vejdeland...

A United North

Hate Through Love