Nordic Resistance Movement Nest 3 and 7 physical training

Martial arts training across two Nests

TRAINING. Sweden's Nest 3 and Nest 7 met to train together in martial arts on 29 May. On Saturday, 29 May, activists and members from...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Vetlanda

Banner action at car meet in Vetlanda

ACTIVISM. Activism in Sweden's Nest 7 continued in Vetlanda on 28 May, when activists visited a car meet event in the city centre. On Friday...
NRM poster activism in Eastern Norway

Activism and archery in Eastern Norway

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Nordic Resistance Movement members and activists met in Eastern Norway last Saturday for a social gathering and activism. The day began with practising... replaces

INFORMATION. Due to government censorship, the Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland has had to change its website domain. The Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance...
Europe House NRM activism

Action against Europe House in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Activists from Sweden's Nest 1 conducted a symbolic action at the entrance to the Europe House in Stockholm on "Europe Day". On 9 May...


Statue holding scales of justice

The National Socialist rule of law

IDEOLOGY. In this article, Sebastian Elofsson argues for the establishment of a state governed by a National Socialist rule of law. Order, freedom and justice....