Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstration

Flash demonstration honouring National Socialism in Oslo

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists held a flash demonstration in the Norwegian capital on Saturday 29 October. The demonstration began with the participants marching towards...
Burning election postervideo

“We are no damn politicians!”

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The election is long over, but the struggle goes on. Here follows an accompanying message from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group. Following...
Nordic Resistance Movement banner action, Nest 5, Sweden

Day of struggle in Sweden’s Nest 5

ACTIVISM. Nest 5 activists held a “Stop the Population Replacement” banner action in an autumnal Dalarna, followed by activist tests. On 15 October, the Nest’s...
NRM posters in Hørning, Denmark

Massive propaganda campaign in Danish town of Hørning generates welcome media attention

ACTIVISM. Danish Nordic Resistance Movement activists show that good results can be achieved with stickers, leaflets and anonymous contact with the media. Over the last...
Strängnäs Market NRM activism

Return visit to Strängnäs Market

ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden’s Nest 1 and Nest 8 conducted a public leaflet distribution on Saturday 8 October. It was a beautiful autumn day when...


Woman quote about Nazis

Does the Resistance Movement persecute Jews or other ethnic groups?

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. In light of media hit pieces and proposed bills calling for a ban on the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg responds to...

Humiliation violence