Nordic Resistance Movement Stockholm Dresden Nato protest

Why doesn’t everyone join us when we’re clearly the best?

IDEOLOGY. Following last month’s successful demonstration in Stockholm, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement – together with a couple of activists – ponders...
Aristotle quote: "Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers."

Hard times create strong activists

STRUGGLE. Nest Chief Hampus Maijala writes about how the challenges faced as an activist in the Resistance Movement help you grow as a person...
Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstration

Public interest in National Socialism is growing

STRUGGLE. A member of the Nordic Resistance Movement reflects on the way the struggle has changed in recent years and how bright the future...
Reticle and fire

Are the Nordic Resistance Movement terrorists?

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Simon Lindberg responds to the ongoing efforts to classify the Nordic Resistance Movement as a terrorist group and the upcoming constitutional amendment...
Soldiers in rows

Military discipline

IDEOLOGY. Jacob Vullum outlines an important tool for self-improvement to help grow as a person and as an activist: military discipline. Discipline is the practice...


Woman shopping

We must restrain ourselves to end the consumer society

IDEOLOGY. The modern world’s materialistic outlook is one of the biggest problems to combat today. Marcus Hansson explains why, from two different points of...

Status Quo ante Revolution