Shadows of Ukrainian soldiers

Which side are we on in the Ukraine war?

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement explains where the organisation stands on this important issue. There may be some who think this...
Ukrainian soldier

A comment on the war in Ukraine

UKRAINE. Swedish National Council member Robert Eklund comments on the war in Ukraine. On Wednesday night, we heard the news that Russia had launched a...
Jew demanding holocaust reparations from the world cartoon

UN document highlights the role of the “holocaust” as the moral basis of globalism

GLOBALISM. Russleman writes about a newly discovered document from one of the United Nations’ educational programmes, which emphasises the role of the “holocaust” as...

Dropouts and traitors

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland explains the differences between dropouts and traitors – with illustrative examples. He also gives instructions to the...
Nordic Resistance Movement activists with flares at anti-vaccine passport demonstration, Stockholm

Resistance pays off!

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement responds to the government’s decision to remove nearly all Covid-19 restrictions in Sweden and explains...


We are not “right-wing extremists”

IDEOLOGY. Leif Eriksson puts National Socialism’s undeserved labels in perspective. When the media reports on the activities of National Socialist groups, as they did in...
Soldier with gun

From weapons, freedom!