Tyr rune statue

The revolutionary struggle must remain radical!

IDEOLOGY. Samuel Almroth writes about the importance of radical and revolutionary struggle. When talking about radicalism (our radicalism), one should also note how our principle...
Nordic Frontier

You can make a difference!

STRUGGLE. Fredrik Vejdeland writes about how individual members can achieve great things, both when acting within the framework of a collective and on an...
Simon Lindberg, Nordic Resistance Movement

Election to the Riksdag: Interview with the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement

INTERVIEW. Simon Lindberg sits down for an exclusive interview about the organisation and himself, ahead of the parliamentary election in autumn. Simon Lindberg, could you...
Nordic Resistance Movement flag in Swedish mountains with WPWW logo

A common struggle for White pride worldwide

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about inspiring – and being inspired by – international comrades for the common cause. Like many...
Die Partei statue by Arno Breker

Conscience and honour

IDEALISM. The Chief of the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Jacob Vullum, writes about the concepts of honour and conscience, and relates...


Jimmy Thunlind

Jimmy Thunlind’s 1st of May speech

1 MAY. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 2020 1st of May demonstration was postponed. In its place, a digital 1st...

Status Quo ante Revolution