Harvest festival Resistance Movement, Nest 2

Harvest festival in Sweden’s Nest 2

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On the first weekend of September, comrades from Sweden's Nest 2 gathered to revive one of our ancestors' age-old traditions – the...
Bohusleden hiking

Hiking 120 kilometres on the Bohusleden trail

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. For four days in August, Sweden's Nest 2 conducted possibly one of the toughest hikes ever organised by the Resistance Movement. This year,...
Gustav Vasa lecture memorial stone, Dalarna, Sweden

Lecture and tour in Gustav Vasa’s footsteps in Dalarna

CULTURE. On Saturday, 31 July, members of Sweden's Nest 5 gathered in a small village by Lake Runn to hear a lecture on the...
Brattforsleden trail, Sweden

Wilderness hiking on the Brattfors Trail

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Members and supporters from Sweden's Nest 5 went to Värmland to walk 25km along Brattforsheden's hiking trail on Friday, 23 July. Brattforsheden (Brattfors...
NRM Nest 2 meeting instructions

Education and social activity in Sweden’s Nest 2

TRAINING. Members of the Activist Group in Sweden's Nest 2 met for a training course and social gathering on Saturday, 24 July. The comrades met...
Swedish sunset

Bathing and brännboll in Sweden’s Nest 1

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members, supporters and their children met in southern Stockholm for a social gathering in the summer sun on the afternoon of Saturday,...
Canoeing in Sweden's Nest 7

Canoeing and forest camping in Sweden’s Nest 7

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Sweden's Nest 7 were out in nature for a canoeing and camping trip on the weekend of 17-18 July. The weekend began with...
View over northern Swedish forest

Wilderness hike in Sweden’s Nest 6

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Activists, members and their children gathered at a comrade's house for a hiking and camping trip in the North Bothnia wilderness on...
Abseiling in the forest in Sweden's Nest 7

Abseiling in Sweden’s Nest 7

TRAINING. Members from Sweden's Nest 7 gathered to practise abseiling on Sunday, 11 July. As there were some new people participating in the activity, everyone...
View over Setesdal, Norway

The Resistance Movement visits Setesdal

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently arranged a gathering in the beautiful Setesdal valley, in southern Norway. The...


Nordic Resistance Movement members in Iceland hold a banner and flag on a bridge

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland – 2018 in review

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A yearly report for 2018 was recently published on the website of the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement – nordurvigi.is....

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