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National Justice Party – The right combination

Alan Balogh on why he joined the National Justice Party and what was important in the formation of the new organization. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Censorship is the only thing that works today

And there is a reason why the power elite loves it. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #231: Spring time shooter iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrcensorshipistheonlythingthatworkstodayresizeIframe')
Nordic Frontier excerpt

The globalists decide the fate of workers and companies in Finland and Sweden

Tuukka Kuru from Sinimusta Liike joins Nordic Frontier to talk about, among other things, global capitalism’s control over Finland and the Nordic countries. Excerpt from...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Hail women!

Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #230: Tuukka Kuru from Sinimusta Liike iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrhailwomenresizeIframe')

Cut off the negative with activism and training

Rob Rundo on not consuming negative stuff all the time but instead training and engaging in activism with comrades. Excerpt from Bellum #10: Rob Rundo...

Rob Rundo’s initiation rite to strengthen white youth

Rob Rundo on what the fighters of the future must sometimes start with when they are beginners and still a product of today’s sick...
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Antifa activist wanted to rape nine-year-old until she vomited

The pedophile Jonas Linde, who has conducted activism for the Swedish AFA (Antifa) and worked for an AFA-linked newspaper, was tricked by pedophile hunters....

War and the Gods of the Iliad

Excerpt from ARISTOGENESIS #13: The Iliad iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrwarandthegodsoftheilliadresizeIframe')
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Rasmus Paludan and “ethnic liberal nationalism”

What Rasmus Paludan wants and where we part ways. Related article: Koran desecration and burning police cars Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #228: The Trio is Complete! iFrameResize({...
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There aren’t gonna be any political parties

No more liberal democracy, no more illusions, no more bullshit. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #227: The case of the Kevin Murder iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrtheresnotgonnabeanypoliticalpartiesresizeIframe')


Covid-19 vaccine passport

No to vaccine passports for Covid-19!

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement details the organisation’s position on Covid-19 vaccine passports. On 1 December, vaccine passports were officially introduced in...