Nordic Frontier excerpt

No more ketchup – bring in the Swedish sandwich cake!

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrnomoreketchupbringintheswedishsandwichcakeresizeIframe') The food podcast continues to bring Swedish dishes to the world. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #195: Reasonable levels of Anti-Semitism

Some good riffs paved the way

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrsomegoodriffspavedthewayresizeIframe') Maquahuitl is known for their great riffs. And it all started by listening to some of the best in this...

Maquahuitl – Music for the bronze race

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrteasermaquahuitlmusicforthebronzeraceresizeIframe') From the first episode of a two-part interview with the Latino musician Martin Tudón, who is most famous for his...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

“Ketchup on your pasta?” with Rob Rundo

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrketchuponyoupastawithrobrundoresizeIframe') Talking with Rob Rundo about food. What does an American with roots in Italy think about pouring ketchup on pasta? Excerpt...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Do white prisoners do 88 burpees?

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrwhiteprisonersdo88burpeesresizeIframe') Talking to Rob Rundo about his time in prison. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #193: Free RAM with Rob Rundo
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Email from an English cigarette

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nremailfromanenglishcigaretteresizeIframe') Continue to Email and you can get your Email read. [email protected] Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #194: Wasrael
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Building the counterculture

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrbuildingthecountercultureresizeIframe') Rob Rundo on the importance of activism and masculinity. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #193: Free RAM with Rob Rundo
Nordic Frontier excerpt

How RAM started

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrhowramstartedresizeIframe') Rob Rundo on how the Rise Above Movement started, their place in the movement and who the group's influences were. Excerpt...

“Ketchup on your pasta?”

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrketchuponyourpastaresizeIframe') The cooking show Nordic Frontier asks Mark Collett from Patriotic Alternative the million-dollar question. The conversation with Mark was a little...

This guy stopped his car and got out on the highway

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrthisguystoppedhiscarandgotoutonthehighwayresizeIframe') And then he did... Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #192: Mark Collett Returns Related article: 1st of May activism across the Nordic nations


Vetlanda terrorist attack and Nordic Resistance Movement activism

Are you for or against acts of multicultural violence?

MULTICULTURALISM. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement reflects on the act of madness in Vetlanda and the proposal to ban “racist” organisations. So it’s...

Alibis vs allies

National Socialism in Our Time