A strong force

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrastrongforceresizeIframe') Why the Nordic Resistance Movement is a revolutionary organization. Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #6.

Tilak was right

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrtilakwasrightresizeIframe') Nestor speaks about the Indian scholar Tilak, who proposed that the home of the Aryans was in the Arctic region,...

The murder of Tommie: “There are no more excuses”

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrthemurderoftommietherearenomoreexcusesresizeIframe') Tommie was murdered by a racial stranger when he tried to stop him from raping a Swedish girl in Härnösand,...

We are not politicans, we are the people!

Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #6. iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrwearenotpoliticanswearethepeopleresizeIframe')

TEASER: Create something new

Teaser for tonight’s episode of Leadership Perspective, which will be about Revolution. We start at 22:00 Swedish time. iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrteasercreatesomethingnewresizeIframe')

Message to Icelanders

Excerpt from the first episode of the Icelandic podcast Landsmenn where Ríkharður Leó Magnússon from Iceland interviews the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement,...
Sylvia Stolz

Monika Schaefer talks about the political prisoner Sylvia Stolz

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrmonikaschaeferaboutthepoliticalprisonersylviastolzresizeIframe') On her recent appearance on Nordic Frontier, Monika Schaefer – herself a victim of a democratic witch trial – spoke...

Don’t attack the sheep – outmaneuver their shepherds

What's negative for us now could be a positive thing in the future. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #148. iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrdontattackthesheepoutmaneuvertheirshepherdsresizeIframe')

Muslims are the problem – not Jews!?

Are Muslims the problem in our societies and not Jews? Simon Lindberg answers. Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #5. iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrmoslimsaretheproblemnotjewsresizeIframe')

Interview: The idea behind Aristogenesis

In an interview with Nordic Frontier, Tyrus from Aristogenesis talks about the idea behind the podcast. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #146. iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrinterviewtheideabehindaristogenesisresizeIframe')


Man holds a Nordic Resistance Movement flag in the mountains

“We will never moderate. We will never adapt!”

NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Norwegian writer Arjuna explains why the Nordic Resistance Movement must never be liberalised and why it must remain faithful to National Socialism. Two...

What is National Socialism?