Dr Alexander Jacob: The Third Reich was a unique philosophical-political phenomenon

Dr Alexander Jacob – a political philosopher, scholar, musician and author – visited Aristogenesis to talk about the metaphysical and philosophical concepts of Indo-European...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Be careful with super-Aryans in Jewish movies

Warren “Ahab” Balogh joins Nordic Frontier to talk about the NJP documentary and his new show “Modern Politics”, among other things. On the show, the...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

How Red Ice started

Henrik Palmgren talks about how Red Ice came to be. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #205: Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice fame iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrhowredicestartedresizeIframe')
Nordic Frontier excerpt

“Ketchup on your pasta?” with Henrik Palmgren

Andreas didn't get much support on the KQ from Mark Collett or Rob Rundo, but what does fellow Swede Henrik Palmgren think about ketchup...
Landsmenn episode 4, Pär Öberg

When Pär Öberg was arrested twice in one day

Pär Öberg from the Nordic Resistance Movement visits Landsmenn and is asked about some fond memories from the struggle. Öberg tells of a demonstration...

TEASER: The reason for public activism is not to hand out a flyer

Teaser for tonight’s episode of Leadership Perspective which will be about: The kind of activism that will save our race! We start at 22:00...

The natural views inside of us

Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #16: The natural world view, Nazi boy summer and Nordic days iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrthenaturalviewsinsideofusresizeIframe')

National Socialism cannot be liberalized

Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #16: The natural world view, Nazi boy summer and Nordic Days iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrnationalsocialismcannotbeliberalizedresizeIframe')

National Socialist therapy

The natural world view and way of life are the best medicines for the illnesses in modern society. Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #16: The natural...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Take away the “Holocaust” – and Swedes would hate Jews for no reason?

Prime minister Stefan Löfven admits that lack of "education" regarding the "Holocaust" would lead to antisemitism. The logical question is why? Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER...


Tyr rune compass

On alternative life choices and the national struggle

IDEOLOGY. Simon Lindberg reiterates and clarifies some points of discussion about alternative life choices from the most recent episode of the Ledarperspektiv podcast. On the...
Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?