Hollywood feminism and reality

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrhollywoodfeminismandrealityresizeIframe') Nordic Frontier on “Hunger Games” and Hollywood feminism. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #161: Koran Burnings and New Speak

TEASER: The BLM agenda

Teaser for tonight's episode of Leadership Perspective, which will be about Black Lives Matter and Kyle Rittenhouse. We start at 22:00 Swedish time. iFrameResize({ log:...

The importance of ancestors

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrtheimportanceofancestorsresizeIframe') Tyrus talks about Donar’s Oak and Redbad, King of the Frisians, regarding the importance of ancestors in paganism. Excerpt from Aristogenesis...

Patriot Front on the importance of demonstrations

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrpatriotfrontontheimportanceofdemonstrationsresizeIframe') Patriot Front’s leader Thomas Rousseau was invited to Nordic Frontier to discuss #Stickergate and other topics related to the struggle....

“Do REAL activism!”

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrdorealactivismresizeIframe') Nordic Frontier defends Patriotic Alternative, whose members were recently criticized for spending time in nature. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #158.

Normapollo: “Freud probably had nightmares.”

Normapollo talks about how Sigmund Freud invented the "oedipus complex" in order to cover up his betrayal of young girls who sought his protection. iFrameResize({...

Striving to be a better person

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrstrivingtobeabetterpersonresizeIframe') Andreas on the challenge of being mentally stable in a sick society. Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #156

“If the Holocaust did happen, I wouldn’t be here.”

Johan talks about how the truth about the holocaust woke him up. iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nriftheholocausthappenediwouldntbehereresizeIframe') Full Episode: NORDIC FRONTIER #156: The Serbian Question

Living embodiments of forces of history

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrlivingembodimentsofforcesofhistoryresizeIframe') Nestor talks about the hero in the latest episode of Aristogenesis.

National Guardsman Shandon Simpson on system harassment

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrnationalguardsmanshandonsimpsononsystemharassmentresizeIframe') Nordic Frontier invited American National Guardsman Shandon Simpson who was recently fired from his job, kidnapped and tortured by the...


What is fascism?

IDEOLOGY. “Fascism” and “fascist” are two terms which are thrown around a lot in political debate. Here Jimmy Thunlind discusses what fascism actually is...

A Link to the Past

Alibis vs allies