True unity

Simon Lindberg talks about how true unity will look in the national movement. Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #15: Get organized or die trying! What organization...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

American Krogan – How it all began

American Krogan uses video game analysis to communicate important messages. Here he explains how it all started. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #210: American Krogan and...

Hector’s motivation in the Trojan War

Why Hector decided to fight Achilles Excerpt from ARISTOGENESIS #13: The Iliad iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrhectorsmotivationinthetrojanwarresizeIframe')

Crazy feminists exported to Norway

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Message to Icelanders

Excerpt from the first episode of the Icelandic podcast Landsmenn where Ríkharður Leó Magnússon from Iceland interviews the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement,...

The struggle in Finland goes on

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrthestruggleinfinlandgoesonresizeIframe') Despite being banned, not dead! Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #9: International struggle against the global parasite. Comrades abroad and geopolitics
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Stupid mistake to demonize White Americans

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrstupidmistaketodemonizewhiteamericansresizeIframe') Alan talks about how stupid it is for the anti-White establishment to demonize millions of White Americans because of their...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

The Swedish government wants to ban “Holocaust denial”

iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrtheswedishgovernmentwantstobanholocaustdenialresizeIframe') Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (Social Democrat) wants to ban views. Behind the proposal is the World Jewish Congress. Excerpt from...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Based Norm Macdonald

Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #202: Full Frontier with Coach Finstock iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrbasednormmacdonaldresizeIframe')
Nordic Frontier excerpt

The hard work behind Patriot Front’s success

The leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau, visits Nordic Frontier to talk about Patriot Front’s impressive activism during the past year. Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER...


The Revolution Begins with You leaflet

The Revolution Begins with You! New leaflet from the Nordic Resistance...

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement has just produced a new hard-hitting leaflet for distribution across Sweden. Entitled ‘The Revolution Begins with You’, it...

Dropouts and traitors