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National Socialism and the laws of nature


IDEOLOGY. Living in harmony with nature was once something that was taken for granted, but today everything that is natural is relativised and we need to be constantly reminded of the natural laws that rule our lives. Here Simon Lindberg writes about National Socialism and the laws of nature.

The laws of nature – what are they? Simply put they can be said to be a unifying concept we use to describe how the world is formed. We apply these identified natural laws in all areas: in physics, in biology and in morality. Nature’s laws are found inside all of us as instincts, common sense and logical thinking. An example of this thinking is that two people of the same gender cannot naturally reproduce and therefore should not attempt to do so.

Man is unique in that he has higher intelligence than the other species on the planet but ironically is also the only creature that possesses the ability to destroy the planet via the means of violating the laws of nature. Unfortunately far too many people have lost contact with their true selves in this confused age of materialism, which means they consciously or unconsciously deviate from these laws. When this happens, nature often strikes back. One such example is HIV, which to an extremely large extent infects those who break nature’s laws or the poor souls who cross paths with them.

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Another aspect that makes people question these laws is relativism’s pervasive force in society. Relativism is created by nature’s enemies and contributes to people’s loss of morality and sense of what is right and wrong, teaching them instead that there is no good or evil because everything is relative. Thus the laws of nature are relativised as well. When this occurs, arguments arise such as, “If it were against nature’s laws to mix the races, it wouldn’t be physically possible as nature would have prevented it”.

We are human beings, with all that that entails. Nature has given us the ability to sense what is right and wrong. We have the means to destroy the earth with atomic weapons tomorrow – does that mean it would be right to do so? Does that mean nature’s laws do not exist because if nature had wanted the earth to survive she would not have given us the means to destroy ourselves? No, nature’s laws exist within us. Some can be transgressed, but for a healthy individual in contact with his true inner self, it is morally impossible to break them. We know that if we were to drop hundreds of atomic bombs tomorrow, we would eradicate all human life. In the same manner we avoid race-mixing as we know it is morally wrong and that reproducing with other races leads to offspring that are typically a worse product than both the mother and father, like a form of punishment from nature.

So how do we National Socialists, who strive for a life according to nature’s laws, want society and the world to look? Do we want to go back to the Stone Age and do away with all technology because nature did not supply us with these inventions from the beginning? No, because remember that nature has also given us the capacity to create all these innovations. Everything is therefore a balancing act, in which morality, ethics and conscience lead us forwards while we utilise the powers we have been naturally gifted to create a better world.

National Socialism is quite simply nature’s laws adapted for the modern man. Thus true National Socialism will always change as people change, but the foundation and essence will always endure as the laws of nature remain unchanged. National Socialism is therefore also the only worldview that can ultimately secure humanity’s survival without inhibiting man’s future evolution. As such, distancing oneself from National Socialism amounts to an insult to the natural world that gave us life and to future generations who will one day inherit the earth.