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Bridge action in Stockholm with positive and timid police officers


ACTIVISM. On 23 March, comrades from Sweden’s Nest 1 once again informed the capital’s motorists about the reality the media hides.

The activity began on a sunny Saturday near Skogskyrkogården, where the Resistance men took up positions with a banner and flags. They didn’t even have time to roll out the banner before the police drove under the bridge, waving cheerfully to the comrades. The media likes to make out that everyone hates the Resistance Movement, but clearly there are even people within the state apparatus who appreciate the organisation’s continued activism.

Once the banner and flags had been set up on the bridge, it only took a few minutes before two more police cars appeared on the opposite bridge, where the officers waited for a while and watched on. The reactions from the motorists were not long in coming and, as always, varied from raised straight right arms to flailing arms with pointed middle fingers. Maybe it was the message for the day – “Stop the People’s Replacement” – that was responsible for producing such an unusually high number of reactions from the audience below. In roughly every fifth car, a mobile phone was held up to film the Resistance men – clips that will hopefully be posted to social media for even greater dissemination.

When the police on the bridge got tired of just watching, one car drove over to the bridge the comrades were on. Out came two rather anxious men, who wanted to know who was in charge of the activity. As there was no such person present, the police only received advice on what they could do with their time instead of this pointless act. One of them was very upset about being filmed while on duty; not in an angry way, but rather in a manner that suggested he was ashamed of what he was doing and did not want to be seen on video. The officers also very tamely tried to talk to the comrades and asked for identification from all of them, but immediately gave up when they got no answers.

Next, the officers declared they would file a report of an unauthorised demonstration, but an activist responded by telling them they should go back to their car and read through Chapter 8 of the Police Act. They didn’t give up there, however, stating with great concern that the banner was on the outside of the bridge and that it would be very dangerous if it were to fall down onto the road. They asked the comrades several times to move the banner inside the railings, but such a move would make it harder to read, so it remained on the outside. With the officers seemingly very intent in their inquiries and pointless harassment, together with the fact that they had reinforcements within sight, some of the comrades suspected the police would try to detain everyone and shut down the activity.

Can’t you just obey me like all the other good White people?

The officers went away and talked among themselves for a while, before returning to their car. Then, without having succeeded in anything they set out to do, they finally left the scene the way they had come. Time and resources wasted on absolutely nothing; not exactly a display of the state’s competence and power. Maybe in the future, these officers will care more about the law, instead of politically motivated directives from their superiors. Time will tell.

Some people were so eager to film the activity that the traffic came to a complete stop

The legal and constitutionally protected activity could then continue as usual, to the joy of many and the sadness of some others. A 50-year-old man driving down an access road showed signs of his mental illness by flailing his arms and making threatening gestures with his hands. When the man drove away immediately afterwards, the comrades tried to contact him via the phone number connected to his car to confront him and ask what he was doing, but unfortunately the man did not dare to answer.

This was a typical example of those who call themselves tolerant becoming hysterical when encountering different opinions and, when confronted, running away with their tail between their legs, without uttering a single argument. A condition that clearly shows a brainwashed person who has never thought for himself about anything of importance, which is just how the lying media portrays National Socialists. But the people can change their minds, which is the exact reason for the Resistance Movement’s existence: to build something far better upon the ruins of today’s system, with the people’s help, once they have freed themselves from the passivating lies of the media.

Two hours into the activity, the men packed everything up and left the site, after which they split into smaller groups to carry out other activism in different areas of the municipality. The people’s replacement continues with each passing day, and the conditions for your children and grandchildren only become worse over time. Oppose the liberal trash-society; join the Nordic Resistance Movement and help us awaken the people!