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Resistance Movement disrupts liars’ sobfest in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Comrades were in the Swedish capital on 27 January for a full day of counter-demonstration and public leafleting.

On “holocaust memorial day”, it was once again time for the Jews and their lackeys to remember history that never happened. Various politicians, Jews and Christian Zionists organised a manifestation to cry out in pain and attempt to induce feelings of guilt in the Swedish people – guilt about something Swedes were in no way involved in, even if all the stories about it had actually been true. A positive footnote is that the organiser boasted about how Jews were bussed in from multiple parts of Sweden just to be able to participate, revealing that this was hardly a popular grassroots movement. Fortunately, the common man has little interest in the day in question.

The Resistance Movement saw this as yet another prime opportunity to denounce Israel’s evil, considering that the state only exists because of the alleged gassing of more Jews than the total number living in German-controlled Europe during World War II. Under the banner “Crush Zionism” and a Tyr Rune flag, they lined up on the other side of the street from the demonstration.

“Death to Israel! Death to Israel!”

The speakers lied unashamedly about stories that have been proven to be false and took turns at kissing the backside of world Jewry. The comrades chanted from across the street, which clearly unnerved the speakers, with several of them making spontaneous references to the Resistance Movement in their speeches. Slogans like “Israel, terrorist state!” and “Death to Israel!” could be heard clearly by the crowd.

Race-mixer Hanif Bali, who has licked so much Jewish ass that he learned Hebrew by osmosis, tells scare stories about how bad things are for Jews in Sweden
“Israel, terrorist state! Israel, terrorist state!”

A young Jew was greatly offended by the message and approached a comrade, trying to play tough by threatening violence. When he received a reprimand, a petite female police officer came over and tried to push the Resistance man back, but quickly gave up when she realised it was like prodding a mountain.

Just a few of the police vehicles assigned to protect Jews on the day

After the Jew was removed, the action continued without problems until the demonstration ran out of speakers – or, more accurately, liars, as the amount of truth in the speeches was less than that in state media reports about how immigrants are a benefit to Sweden. During the activity, several Jews on the other side of the street approached the police and complained that there was still a modicum of free speech left in Sweden and that this should not be allowed, to which the police could only reply that the constitution protects such an activity (at least for the time being).

Constable, aren’t the people you’re supposed to protect the Jewish people?

As the comrades were packing up to leave, a Christian man who was with his daughter appeared and was very interested in talking to National Socialists. He asked various questions about the comrades’ views on different subjects but largely seemed to agree with them on the state of the world. As the Resistance men had planned to continue the activism elsewhere, they had to say goodbye to the man and move on, whereupon his daughter bid farewell by exclaiming, “God bless you!”

The comrades found the whole encounter rather amusing and remarked to one another that they had God on their side as they walked towards Sergel’s Square. There, they set up along the ever-busy Drottninggatan, outside the Åhléns department store, and started handing out leaflets on the same topic as the banner.

A large number of leaflets changed hands with people on the street. Unusually, the police appeared to have grown tired of following the comrades around and were nowhere to be seen. A leftist individual thought this would be to his advantage and tried to physically attack an opponent out of the blue. This backfired, as he was flung to the ground and got a proper reprimand before running away with his tail between his legs.

Mazel tov!

As always when the Resistance Movement exercises its right to self-defence, it didn’t take long before law enforcement appeared. Within a few minutes there were about ten police officers and security guards on the scene, asking questions about what had happened. Unfortunately, they received no answers from the comrades, who are capable of providing their own security.

The face you make when you don’t get any answers about an “assault”

The activity continued without any problems, until the comrades felt satisfied and concluded the day. With a group of policemen in tow, they embarked public transport, which this time occurred without any interfering security guards, and went back to the meeting place, where they thanked one another for a successful day.