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Activists cleaned up gypsy camp


ACTIVISM. On April 14, activists visited one of the many outposts of the racial aliens occupying this country.

In Akalla in Stockholm municipality, so-called traveling people have been able to live undisturbed for 10 years on municipal land in the countryside, which is a place with medieval relics from our ancestors.

Using various tools, comrades made their way through the forest area where they could see the most grotesque littering imaginable. The stench was unimaginable in the area and made the comrades gag. A handful of “dwellings” had been constructed from pallets, tarpaulins, sawn-down trees and miscellaneous rubbish in the middle of the Swedish countryside.

These illegal settlements were smashed with tools as best they could while the occupiers screamed and ran away, calling for the police. The same police who 10 years ago should have been on the scene and demolished the shacks, which would have happened immediately if they were Swedish homeless people. However, as everyone knows, laws are implemented differently depending on skin color, as it is in the interest of EU politicians to destroy all homogeneous states in Europe with mass immigration.

When the message had been conveyed clearly enough to the racial aliens, they left the site, as the Swedish rule of law would in all likelihood prefer to protect the illegal immigrants rather than its own citizens, and would certainly also classify the removal of rubbish as a crime simply because of the racial affiliation of the “owners”.

There is a lot of talk by politicians and people on the internet, but nothing is done. For 10 years this particular settlement has been left untouched because no one dares to take responsibility and just decide to remove the rubbish. The Nordic Resistance Movement goes from words to action and does the only thing that is morally correct and right by acting. How far will it go before YOU do the same?

Stand up like a man and drive the enemy out of the country. Stand up and take back your country. Only through struggle can victory be achieved. Never defeat – forever victory!