Nordic Frontier #83: Trilateral treachery, Anti Semites and a Banned Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore Annie's dirty dealings, Salvini's mean streak and a full bag of Nordic National Socialist activism. Domestic News: Annie got in...

Nordic Frontier #82: Psyops, “Folk Heroes” and a Cashless Society

NORDIC FRONTIER. We delve into the meat that is the Nordic condition with psyops, deportation squads and raped teachers. Domestic News: The army Psyops squad looking...


Man holds a Nordic Resistance Movement flag in the mountains

“We will never moderate. We will never adapt!”

NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Norwegian writer Arjuna explains why the Nordic Resistance Movement must never be liberalised and why it must remain faithful to National Socialism. Two...
Classical Roman frieze

The People’s State