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Nest 7 – Study Circle


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 7 organizes study circle where ideology was read and discussed.

On the 4th of April members of Nest 7 organized a study circle where parts of the book “National socialism – The biological world view” were read and discussed and especially pages 12-17.

It is often claimed by the enemy of man that the spiritual universe of National Socialism is one of coercion and manipulation, where the individual is robbed of his freedom and individuality just to be made part of a mindless mass. This, of course, is far from the truth. As a matter of fact this comes much closer to a description of democracy. It is the democrats who regard the people as a large grey mass, where the differences between the single individuals are explained as the result of casual environmental influences that society must “correct” in order to “socialize” people into democratic ways. National Socialism, on the other hand, respects the individual. We know that all human beings are biologically unique and that they have different talents and abilities. To combine all these individual gifts within the framework of society is one of the most important tasks of the National Socialist state. Only in this way is it possible to use the total amount of mental resources in a people – for the benefit of both the individuals and society.

– National Socialism: The Biological World view

The comrades discussed and contemplated on the degree of degeneracy of the modern society as opposed to life in a harmonious, national socialist world.