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The British nationalist movement of today and the Nordic Resistance Movement


OPINION. Our English comrade Niall writes about some of the recent history within the British nationalist scene and compares it to what he has experienced in the Nordic Resistance Movement.

As I mentioned in my previous article, the current state of the British movement is dire. Many promising movements have come and gone, and we Anglos have been left with hollow husks of ineffectual movements. I wish to focus on the more recent and contemporary movements, that I was looking at joining as I first became a National Socialist at around 15 or 16. I wish to give my perspective as a young English nationalist looking for a movement to become a part of.

I cannot speak much on the National Front or British National Party as I am simply too young to have seen them in their glory days, and cannot trust the writings of the media coverage of said groups, for obvious reasons. Instead, it is better that I refrain from commenting on these “glory days” of British nationalism entirely, and leave that more to men like Mark Collett, who was not only highly involved in the BNP’s youth wing, but also maintains excellent ties with the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM).

I highly recommend listening to his interview with Nordic Frontier if you wish to learn more of a general history of one of the more popular British nationalist movements, and how that ties into the general picture of Britain (and especially England) today.

However, I wish to focus more on the recent endeavours of contemporary nationalist groups that have caught the public eye, and clear up some potential misconceptions. For example, I have been asked questions regarding the English Defence League (EDL), as if they are any force for positive change and/or English nationalists. As an Englishman myself, I would rather entrust the “defence” of England to the French (and believe me, that is truly saying something) than to the Zionist untermenschen of the EDL.

I’ll begin by talking of National Action and NS131, some of the better British/English groups to materialise during my lifetime. When National Action and NS131 first came around, they were hardcore racial nationalists, who looked to protect our racial and national identity above all else. They were intelligent, well-read and physically fit individuals, young and hungry to take on the challenges that we all as European people face. Their stronghold in fact was in my county of Yorkshire, and I myself was going through their pre-application reading list at the time they were banned, having just turned around 15 or 16 at the time. Being found to be a member after their ban carried a prison sentence of up to 30 years, with many members still serving sentences now. There was even one member who received over 4 years in prison for “neo-Nazi” graffiti, and a recent teenager getting the same sentence for a “racist” social media post. I myself have been harassed by UK police at my own home for anti-gypsy Facebook comments, and asking the police to do their jobs in protecting the young children having glass bottles thrown at them by said gypsies. Utterly laughable, if it weren’t sickeningly tyrannical, and downright dangerous for our youngest and most vulnerable people.

The UK government clamps down with an iron fist on any nationalist group it thinks might be able to make any kind of positive difference, or even simply shift the Overton window slightly. Meanwhile, the EDL is allowed to act with impunity.

The EDL is a collection of racial strangers, Irish gypsies, thugs and other assorted degenerates. They are through and through a Zionist organisation. They even had their own “Jewish division.” A group of pseudo-nationalists and braindead retards who are allowed to behave like monkeys and make all nationalists look like retards and subhumans by association.

A collection of nothing more than entirely ineffectual kosher nationalists was brought to the forefront of British “nationalist” organisations, and the government made them the face of nationalism.

Meanwhile, another entirely ineffectual group that bastardised and defiled the legacy of one of the greatest Englishmen to ever live, Sir Oswald Mosley. They called themselves “the New British Union,” and spearheaded by the serial race-mixer Gary Raikes, how could they ever lose? They dressed themselves as Blackshirts, Raikes thinking of himself as the next Mosley. But I don’t recall Mosley acting as a degenerate reprobate or having relationships with blacks. Removing the racial component from fascism as an excuse to play dress-up. Imagine that! Civic fascists!

Raikes has been described as “either a ZOG agent, or a great asset for them.”

All of this comes to reveal the real problems that have plagued British nationalist movements. Ineffectual leadership, and a lack of organisation. These combine to create a hundred different groups with no cohesion, no ability to work together, and crucially, no staying power. They dissolve as quickly as they came about. Each new group is led by someone who is more concerned about being the next Hitler (or Mosley, in our case), rather than being the next National Socialist. They are people who want to start a club of drinking buddies and feel important, rather than make any real contribution to the race as a movement. Coupled with a lack of organisation, when these groups eventually fizzle out, they leave no framework for the next group that will inevitably form in their place, meaning each new group must start entirely from scratch.

And when the government clamps down on these groups, there’s nothing they can do. Even well-established groups like National Action were wiped out by our overreaching government. National Action’s problem was that it was not well-entrenched enough for it to have any kind of effective countermeasure to the government’s shut-down of it. So what chance do these smaller groups have?

So are there any British groups that have avoided making these mistakes? That are well-led and deeply entrenched enough to not be annihilated when the government passes some new bullshit law? Well of course there is. Combat 18 began as a quasi-paramilitary/security group to protect a British Nationalist group (I believe it was the National Front, but don’t quote me on that) during speeches and marches, and they ended up outliving the organisation they were set up to protect. They now have a global reach, from Germany to Canada, and their name still strikes fear into the hearts of any red scum that hear it.

So what does all this have to do with the NRM? Well, while I may be a member of the movement, I understand that not being born in a Nordic country makes me an outsider one way or another, and I take no offence in this. I can provide a viewpoint that is influenced by a different environment, and see everything that’s going on through “fresh eyes,” so to speak.

I can already see the headlines now! “Immigrant brings much-needed diversity to the movement, doing job many local Swedes don’t want to do!” I joke of course, but the concept is the same. I have a viewpoint and understanding shaped entirely separate of the NRM, for better or for worse.

The NRM has rigid staying power. A system that is organised and efficient, and an incredibly unique way of winning over the normal, common man that I haven’t seen any other movement capable of doing. Generally speaking, National Socialism has always been the ideology of the disenfranchised, working-class, angry white young men. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, especially since I myself am a disenfranchised, working-class, angry young white man, the fact that the NRM is attracting everyday people is incredible, and gives me real hope for the future. The Overton window isn’t so much being pushed as it is being smashed, set on fire, and dragged firmly to the right way. And this is just the beginning.

While I myself belong to a clear subculture, with tattoos (albeit more tasteful than most tattoos) and a “fash-cut” and black metal T-shirts, etc, the fact that your average man (and increasingly often woman) on the street is finding himself becoming a National Socialist is incredible to see. And, most crucially, all of this is being done without a shred of compromise in ideology. Our beliefs are not being watered down in order to cater for those who are “more normal,” but the normal people are flocking to our ideology, and the NRM has a very unique ability to do that.

I’ve heard of events in the past when the movement has fed the homeless, which is an excellent idea. It’s of course useful to occasionally play the “big bad Nazis” in order to get the reds pissing in their pantsuits, but showing the public that we genuinely care about the members of our race who have been cast aside in favour of racial strangers not only brings people’s attention to the NRM as being a movement that truly practices what it preaches, but also to the fact that there are white people being thrown onto the streets, while useless migrants are given housing and a good life at the expense of the taxpayer.

Of course, you couldn’t possibly discriminate against the immigrants who also want food… but a healthy dose of pork sandwiches, bacon, and a few activists keeping watch on the door should dissuade any undesirables from entering. Generation Identity did the same thing in the UK, and antifa decided to try and intimidate them, and guess what the public saw? They saw the “big bad Nazi fascists” helping people who had been abandoned by the state, and they saw antifa harassing men for feeding the homeless.

The fact that the movement knows how to engage in these kinds of events, and shows it truly cares about the plights of our people, truly does give me hope. The common man may not have read Mein Kampf, he may not have read Metaphysics of War or Thus Spake Zarathustra, but the common man understands when people will be there for him when times get tough. He understands who has his back. And more often than not, he is willing to stand firm amongst their ranks and give the same back to them in return. He just has to have the guidance and leadership to steer him in the right direction, and I firmly believe that the NRM has that leadership, that direction, and that drive.

I have already spoken in my last article of the importance of brotherhood, and its encouraging abundance within the NRM, so I will try to avoid repeating myself. But one thing that I haven’t yet spoken on, that certainly plays into the idea of brotherhood and the success of the NRM compared to a lot of British movements (and movements in general), is the code of conduct that its members must abide by. Specifically, I’m talking about the lifestyle that members are expected and encouraged to lead.

I personally believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with going for a good few drinks with your friends, so long as no degenerate or self-destructive behaviour ensues. But many movements have a drinking culture ingrained in them, that many people turn up only to drink and fight. Collett talks about this in his interview, about how he has placed strict limits on alcohol consumption at his events. The fact that this limit needed to be enacted in the first place is quite frankly embarrassing. When you’re drinking with your friends, that’s fine. When you’re out on an activity or you’re at a meeting or a speech or anything along those lines, there should be no alcohol involved whatsoever.

The NRM also encourages healthy diets and good exercise, as well as discouraging harmful behaviours such as smoking or drinking in excess, and forbids the use of drugs. It gives the members structure and purpose. It gives us a code that we can live by. A reason higher than ourselves to take care of our bodies and minds. The NRM does not stop at being a political movement. It does not stop even at being a spiritual one. The NRM is also a way of life in and of itself. And it has members willing to undergo these struggles, and forsake the conveniences of modernity, for the sake of a higher ideal. A lone nationalist may not think much of eating a box of genetically modified, chemically “enhanced” Chicken McNuggets, but a National Socialist and a member of the NRM would be revolted at the idea.

The NRM is built upon strong leadership. Not just in its physical and current leaders, but our great leaders who have long since passed. We still follow their orders, their precepts, their creed. We are blessed by not only being led by men, but also by our ideals themselves. Our struggle is our purpose and our guide.

So with strong leadership, strong ideals, a strict code of conduct and health, fantastic organisation, and a unique ability to draw in the common man without compromise, entrenched in the present and prepared for the future, the NRM is built to last.

And with its longevity, will come the longevity of our race.