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Nordic Frontier #90: Tom Goodrich, Hellstorm and the fall of the Third Reich


NORDIC FRONTIER. Tom Goodrich joins us this evening to talk about Hellstorm, other works and his recent stint on the European continent. Neo-Mike also reports on the independence march in Latvia.

Nordic Frontier episode 90

Check out Tom Goodrich‘s books at thomasgoodrich.com and support a man that has spent a lifetime enlightening people on history!

We’ll talk about:

  • Hellstorm
  • Wave of Rape
  • Dresden and other terror bombings
  • Eisenhower death camps
  • Tom’s stay in Europe
  • And White Genocide

Condensed Mixed Bag:

Current state of our Government

”Woman” on trial for possession of child porn

Army man/woman

Neo-Mike’s adventures in Latvia

Latvian Nationalist torchlight march

Finnish demo on the 6th of 12th

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