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Activism and sightseeing in Stockholm: “In defence of the North!”


ACTIVISM. An eventful Sunday for Sweden’s Nest 1 began with a high-profile banner action and was concluded with a visit to the Oxdjupet sound.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

On the morning of Sunday, 12 September, it was once again time for a classic banner action in Stockholm. The activity took place on the bridge over Nynäs road in Stockholm, with the Resistance men taking up their positions with Tyr rune flags and a banner reading “White workers built this country. White workers can take this country back!”

NRM banner action, Stockholm

Drivers gave the thumbs-up and showed their support, which included a Roman salute. A few antagonistic motorists stuck up their fingers and screamed abuse, but none of them wanted to take their threats any further.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

Shortly after the activity began, a police car drove up the pedestrian and cycle lane leading to the bridge. At first, the police waited on the sidelines, only approaching the activists later, on foot. They confronted each of the activists in vain with questions about the purpose of the activity, its duration, who was doing what and who was responsible for it.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

While the police tried to interact with the activists, another police van remained stationed in a car park, monitoring the activity from a distance. Nevertheless, the action was able to continue without any problems. The traffic was heavy at times, and many people were able to see the clearly placed banner together with the activists and their Tyr rune flags.

The activists then met up with some Resistance Movement members and prepared for the next activity on the schedule – a visit to the Oxdjupet sound. Oxdjupet, which runs between the islands of Värmdö and Rindö, has been of important strategic military value over the years. In the 16th century it was filled in by order of King Gustav Vasa to prevent foreign enemy ships from passing, with heavier sea traffic being redirected through the better fortified Kodjupet sound.

Oskar Fredriksborg Fortress, Stockholm, Sweden

One activist from Stockholm gave a short lecture at Fredriksborg Fortress, on the Värmdö side of Oxdjupet. The fortress used to be even more majestic, as its tower was noticeably taller than the ruin that can be seen today. During the Russian raids of the 18th century, it was a state-of-the-art fortification.

Activists and members at Oxdjupet, Sweden

On the other side of Oxdjupet is Rindö island, with its modern fortification, Oskar-Fredriksborg, which was built from 1870 to 1877. Today, the facility is partly open to visitors but also contains restricted areas. From the high hillside at Oskar-Fredriksborg, there is a beautiful spot for photography that frames the fortresses and the sound.

Fredriksborg Fortress, Sweden

All in all, the combination of activism and history ensured this was truly a day spent embodying the motto “In defence of the North!”