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Activist test and monthly meeting in Skellefteå


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 6 gathered to conduct an activist test and monthly meeting on Saturday 27 May.

The day began with a gathering at a sports complex in Skellefteå to conduct the first part of the activist test, which was running. Most of the participants were activists, but there were also some members and aspiring activists in attendance. The running went well, and several participants successfully completed this section of the test with a comfortable margin.

Daniel Olofsson keeps time

After catching their breath, the comrades made their way to a nearby outdoor gym in a scenic environment to complete the remaining exercises in the activist test.



Back raises

Standing long jumps

After completing the activist test, everyone proceeded to a community building to hold the monthly meeting. During the meeting, Simon Holmqvist was named “Fighter of the Month” by Nest Chief Daniel Byström, due in large part to Simon’s outstanding performance as a speaker during the 1 May event in Sundsvall.

After the monthly meeting, freshly cooked barbecue was served for dinner, before it was time to wrap up and head home