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The religion question – a sidetrack


STRUGGLE. Tommy Olsen, the chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, discusses the problems of only focusing on the issue of religion at a time when one should direct all efforts on preserving his people and race.

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“Islam isn’t a race. Out with Islam! … or at least radical Islamism, because moderate Islamists are OK!” So sounds the powerless battle cry from the pro-Israel counter-jihadis, while they simultaneously feel an enormous urge to signal that they are neither “racists” nor “Nazis” by showcasing their African mascot, waving Israeli flags and screaming about “Nazism”.

But it isn’t just Islam, or “radical Islam”, that is the problem in Europe. The religion question is just a sidetrack. It is completely secondary, and in addition it draws focus away from the whole, as well as the real great problem our people face today – genocide.

And this serious problem, this danger, would not just disappear on its own if these hordes of Arabs and Africans who have invaded Europe in recent years converted to atheism or Christianity, or if they started eating pork ribs, or clothed themselves in Norway’s national dress on Independence Day. Nor would it stop being a problem if they just learned to behave a little better. The issue of criminality, like the issue of religion, is also completely secondary.

No, the big problem is the mass immigration of racial foreigners in general, and the simultaneous encouragement of integration and race-mixing, which will result in our own people and values diminishing and eventually ceasing to exist by being mixed up with something alien – a process also known as the Kalergi plan.

But for a globalist with no love for his people and their values, a population exchange – also known as genocide – is of no great concern. He or she simply does not understand the value of their people, and therefore does not see the problem with genocide. They also often excuse their ignorant attitude to their own folk and the ongoing genocide with the idea that “people must be able to love who they want”. And who would not fall for such loving words?

Rational thinking is largely absent in such people, however; rather, they are ruled by sentimentality. The truth is that, had it not been for the Jewish elite orchestrating mass immigration to Europe, and preparing and encouraging our people to replace themselves by implementing the Kalergi plan, such words would not have been necessary, as all this would not have happened to such a large degree, and therefore would not have been such a widespread problem. Because as long as it isn’t facilitated or encouraged via X number of advertisements, films, music and so on, it would be completely unappealing for most people to follow this societal path – and it would be far less so if people were once again taught to be proud and to love and care for their own people and race again, rather than being brainwashed with white guilt and self-hated.

National Socialism aims to preserve biological diversity on a global level, rather than destroy it in a multicultural melting pot

An immense fear of addressing the racial question – not to mention the denial of race – can be observed among both left- and right-orientated globalists, the latter including the pro-Israel counter-jihadis. They simply do not dare mention, or consciously steer away from mentioning, the most important matters and choose instead to take a sidetrack, such as the religion issue, or the culture issue, or criminality – basically everything except that which is most vital – the issue of race. They excuse their actions by saying, “Islam is not a race, so it’s legitimate to fight the struggle from this angle.” The problem is that there are much bigger problems, and as such, an ongoing white genocide will not be addressed and opposed by beating about the bush and not daring to raise the main issue. Different races exist, and there’s no shame in saying that you want to preserve your own race rather than seeing it subjected to genocide. It does not make you a race-hater, or “racist” – quite the opposite.

As mentioned, the pro-Israel counter-jihadis don’t seem to be especially interested in or concerned about our people and race decreasing in number and eventually ceasing to exist, for the nonsense reasons that “anyone can be Norwegian as long as it’s written on paper”, or, “My cousin’s new boyfriend, Arhmed Mfofo, is such a pleasant and exciting man, so you can’t oppose the genocide of your own people,” and, “It’s only Islam that’s the problem.” Such are the thought processes of these people.

Again, the religion question is completely secondary. It’s a sidetrack, a deception put forth by controlled opposition with the purpose of drawing focus away from the overall, genuine problem: namely, white genocide. The fact is that, at the time of writing, a genocide is being facilitated – there is an ongoing genocide, and the only solution to this serious problem is, first and foremost, to start daring to point out this fact, as well as not being ashamed of being white, of belonging to a people and a race, and wishing to protect one’s people and thus begin to fight for its future existence.

The most important thing here is that those of you who are a little more enlightened begin to attack this side issue and lead our people in the right direction – telling them it isn’t just Islam that is the problem in Europe, but mass immigration of racial foreigners in general and an ongoing white genocide. At the same time you can also tell them they shouldn’t be ashamed of being racially conscious, white and proud of it.