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Propaganda drive in Brøndby


ACTIVISM. A group of activists from Denmark’s Nest 2 recently conducted a major propaganda offensive in Brøndby.

Activists from Nest 2 carried out a propaganda drive in Brøndby, which included delivering a large number of leaflets to residents.

Citizens received a leaflet encouraging revolution with an explanatory text about society’s decay and the racial aliens’ takeover of our cities and the resulting criminality. Another leaflet directed at Denmark’s youth was strategically left in the postboxes of families. This leaflet calls on the Danish youth to join the struggle for their future and features information about the ruling hostile system in which young people grow up.

Many stickers and posters were also placed in the residential areas the activists visited.

At one point on the activists’ route, they met a dog who appeared to be a big supporter of National Socialist animal welfare laws.