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Leafleting in Middelfart on the island of Fyn


ACTIVISM. Nest 1 in Denmark took to the streets of Middelfart on the island of Fyn.

Activists arrived Saturday morning to Middelfart on the island of Fyn to spread knowledge of The Nordic Resistance Movement. With a banner and organizational flags in hand, the activists headed towards the central square of Middelfart while handing out leaflets.

The pedestrian street was buzzing when the activists arrived to the square where they set up and began handing out flyers. Hundreds of flyers changed hands and lots of people took the opportunity to have a chat about folk, future and our Nordic identity.

A few ideological opponents could not resist yelling and acting up on the street. An elderly gentleman was angrily waving his cane and a furious Jew wearing a golden Star of David around his neck came around several times screaming profanities at the activists.

After a couple of hours in central Middelfart, which also offered many expressions of support from the people, the leafleting session finished. The activists left and rounded off the day with a little something to eat in a nearby park.