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Against the population replacement – Public activity in Karlstad


ACTIVISM. Activists went to Karlstad to spread the Resistance Movement’s message to the people in August.

Activists from Sweden’s Nest 5 and Nest 2 held a joint public leaflet distribution with an accompanying banner in central Karlstad on Saturday 12 August. The area was full of people looking to enjoy the cool summer weather and the sights of the city, with families, young people and pensioners all accepting leaflets from the organisation’s representatives.

The activists handed out leaflets with the headline “Fighting Against the Population Replacement Since 1997”. This leaflet highlights the reality of the population replacement and its consequences for White Nordic people, followed by a call to work for a better future.

The activity passed at a good tempo, with all the leaflets being handed out. During the distribution, the activists held both sporadic and extended conversations with positively and negatively minded Karlstad residents. Everything from scowls to well-wishes came the comrades’ way as the Nests made their presence known among the people.

After visiting the square for a couple of hours and giving out a large number of leaflets, the participants ended the activity and bid one another farewell until next time.