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Historic day with a flash demonstration on the streets of Gothenburg


DEMONSTRATION. The leader was celebrated through uncompromising struggle and here is the written report.

On the day 135 years after history’s according to many, greatest man was born, the Nordic Resistance Movement chose to honor the memory, the cause and the idea through an incredibly successful flash demonstration through the heart of Gothenburg.

The preparations were many and the stakes were high for the National Socialist activists who gathered, previous demonstrations in Gothenburg have had a mixed outcome, to say the least, due to the political and, in the West, unusually hostile police.

By not negotiating with either the police or their masters, the streets could instead be used in the way they considered best for our cause and our message.

The march that started between Scandinavium and Hvitfeldtska gymnasium now moved very powerfully up Engelbrektsgatan with a view to Götaplatsen.

The drums thundered and the slogans echoed between the walls of the old buildings – the cityscape had clearly changed for the better.

As the train turned right down Avenyn and rounded the city library, the first police bus of the day rolled in a little nervously and the officers in it immediately began to shout and scream about a mask ban without reactions from the participants in the line. After a lecture by the Resistance Movement’s own dialogue patriot, it turned out that it did not work that way.

This day was not only the big day but also the home match for IFK Gothenburg, all the pubs had just opened and the commerce was underway on Gothenburg’s main boulevard. Hundreds and hundreds of spectators could see and hear how a relentless crowd of people proudly declared our desired demographics, geography and governance.

Once down at the Brunnsparken intersection, opposite the leonine staircase, the actvists lined up for speeches. All those who were either waiting for local traffic or running between Femmanhuset and Arkaden could now hear the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Fredrik Vejdeland, speak powerfully and objectively about the fact that it is multiculturalism, either directly as in the case of the shot man in Skärholmen, or indirectly as in the case of non-existent care places or deteriorating schools, that is behind the degeneration and decay of our people.

We have the solution for a society without explosions, street executions, humiliation robberies and gang rapes. The solution to this is a united people, in a united nation under one leader.

We need you, Swedish men and women, in the fight. Your people need you. Stop telling yourselves that you have done your part when you put a note in a box every four years because you have not. Stop lying to yourself…

…The only way to win in the long run is to organize and to fight back against gang crime and people trafficking. Organize in the Nordic Resistance Movement!

– Fredrik Vejdeland

Afterwards, longtime activist Lukas Lindgren took his place behind the microphone and spoke about how evil won in 1945 and good resistance was crushed, but that hope is far from gone as he, as a representative of a legation, stands tall 80 years later and fights for a better world.

He was born on this day 135 years ago. And although his body no longer exists, his words and thoughts will transform this dirty and rotting society into something good and beautiful again!

-Lukas Lindgren

With our work done, we formed up once again for the march and marched towards the National Socialist Carl Milles’ statue of Poseidon, placed like a crown jewel in the middle of Götaplatsen between the concert hall, the city theater, the art museum and the art gallery.

Chants and drums echoed again between the walls of the buildings and rhythmically we made our way with an unbeatable exposure in this most central of Gothenburg.

At Götaplatsen, Lukas Lindgren spoke again and gave his speech one more time to a new group of listeners who had stopped and listened with interest. And with this done, it was again formation, slogans and drums the last way back to Scandinavium where we once started.