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Photo report from Organisation Days 2024 (Part 1 of 2)


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A selection of photos taken by the Resistance Movement’s photographers at this year’s historic edition of Organisation Days.

Organisation Days 2024 begins with the opening ceremony

Emma Nordh took to the stage early to talk about the vital work of the Prisoner Help programme and the importance of supporting it with donations

The kitchen team was very busy over the weekend
AI and how it can be implemented

Pär Öberg’s workshop on the benefits of fasting
Video editing
Radio communication
Andreas Holmvall’s talk about the media group’s achievements over the past year

The kitchen team did a great job providing the large, hungry group with excellent food throughout the weekend

Newly appointed Nest Chief gives a speech

Simon Lindberg announced his resignation as Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, which evoked many emotions in the room

Vera Oredsson was probably the one most affected by the news
The new Leader Fredrik Vejdeland is introduced and welcomed on stage

Simon Lindberg is thanked amid resounding applause for his tremendous efforts throughout all the years he led the Resistance Movement

A separate photo article will be released shortly about the boxing tournament that was held at Organisation Days.

Written report from Organisation Days: Organisation Days 2024