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Action against the homo lobby in Denmark’s Nest 3


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 held an activism meeting followed by a public action against the homo lobby last Saturday.

Nordic Resistance Movement meeting in Denmark, Jacob Vullum speech

Saturday began with an activism meeting in Nest 3, with activists gathering to produce propaganda and listen to a speech by the National Chief Jacob Vullum about community, duty, discipline and activism.

As usual there was comradely talk over the coffee table, plus new supplies of propaganda on offer. Future activities were also discussed while propaganda materials were produced.

Danish NRM propaganda materials on table

After the meeting, the group went to Hobro to continue their activism against “Pride” month by holding a public action against the homo lobby.

NRM anti-homo lobby action in Hobro, Denmark

The activists stood at a busy intersection in the town with a sign reading “No to LGBT Propaganda”. Posters were also put up in several locations, and leaflets were delivered to post boxes.

"No to LGBT propaganda" poster in in Hobro, Denmark

The text on the posters and leaflets read:

No to LGBT propaganda! The LGBT agenda works for:

  • Relativising and undermining the concept of gender and natural and biological gender roles. Claiming that gender is a “social construct” and something you can choose for yourself according to what you “identify” as.
  • Encouraging hormone treatment and irreversible “gender correction” surgery for confused children and adolescents.
  • Normalising and popularising homosexuality, and thereby creating more homosexuals, as well as pushing the boundaries of what is considered “normal”.
  • Normalising and legalising paedophilia. The father of the Nordic homo lobby was a convicted paedophile, and his organisation had its own subdivision for paedophiles.
  • Increasing acceptance of sexually deviant behaviour in society. This paves the way for ever more perverse and degenerate behaviour.
  • Relativising and undermining the natural family. Attempts to equate same-sex and other abnormal “family” relationships with normal ones.
  • Sexualising and indoctrinating children and adolescents. Introducing children to sex education at a young age, and preferably indoctrinating them with the homo lobby’s entire arsenal of ideas.
  • Equating homosexuality with heterosexuality, and thereby redefining human sexuality from being about reproduction to being exclusively about “self-enjoyment”.

Video from the action:

Posters and stickers against the homo lobby were also placed in Randers during the week. Meanwhile, Nest 1 were in Svendborg for a similar action, putting up posters and stickers with the messages “Smash the Homo Lobby”, “There are only two genders” and “Protect the traditional concept of gender and natural, biological gender roles”.

NRM homo lobby posters

NRM homo lobby sticker NRM homo lobby poster NRM homo lobby poster NRM homo lobby poster