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Photo report from Organisation Days 2024 (Part 2 of 2)


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A selection of photos taken by the Resistance Movement’s photographers at the boxing tournament held at this year’s Organisation Days.

This photo report follows Part 1, which features images from all the other activities at Organisation Days, excluding the boxing tournament.

The coveted trophy

Weighing in

Martin Saxlind leads the warm-up

Excitement and anticipation were high before the tournament

Even though things can get tough, everything is comradely

The ring saw its fair share of bloodshed during the tournament

Things got wild in the heavyweight final between Martin Saxlind and Pär Sjögren

Saxlind ultimately emerged victorious from the fierce battle

Marcus Hansson advances to the middleweight final
The battle for second and third place

Marcus Hansson successfully defends his middleweight title

The middleweight bronze medallist is declared
Hampus Maijala recovers after claiming the bronze medal
The middleweight winner challenges the heavyweight winner to a final fight

Martin Saxlind remains undefeated
Awards ceremony
Marcus Hansson took home the championship title and trophy in the middleweight class

Pär Sjögren honours his rival during the awards ceremony

The heavyweight champion Martin Saxlind!