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Bridge action in Jönköping


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 held a banner action in the Småland city of Jönköping on Saturday 18 November.

Comrades from Småland met in a cloudy Jönköping for a bridge action, this time over the E4 motorway, near the A6 shopping centre. The message for the day was “No one voted for the people’s replacement”. The activity proceeded as usual, eliciting both positive and negative responses, but the majority of people seemed to be very positive to the message.

After a while the police turned up and started asking their usual questions: “Who is responsible?”, “How long do you intend to stand here?” They also explained that the Resistance men could stand there, as long as they didn’t attach the banner to the railings, which they already knew. When the police had asked their questions, they left the area but soon returned to observe from a distance.

The police check if illegal opinions are being spread

When the organiser was satisfied with the activity, the group packed up and went back to their cars, thanking one another for the day.

We asked some questions to the organiser about the action:

What do you think of today’s activity?

It was a spontaneous and enjoyable bridge action. Bridge actions are one of the calmer public activities we conduct, as we can usually talk with comrades about everything between heaven and earth while getting the message out. Naturally, you should still always be prepared, because anything can happen.

You have been a member for a while. Would you say the people of Jönköping have become more positive to our message?

It’s hard to know for sure what the public thinks, but probably, yes. What I know for sure is that the number of members and sympathisers we have contact with in Jönköping is many times greater today than it was when I became a member.

How do you think the police behaved?

The police behaved correctly insofar as they followed the law and allowed us to carry out our activity. However, they had a rather unpleasant and condescending attitude, which they wouldn’t have had if a parliamentary party had been standing on the bridge.

Thank you for the interview!