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Day of struggle and eviction of reds in Stockholm


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 1 conducted a full day of activities on Saturday 17 June.

The day began with a banner action on the bridge over National Road 73. “A Revolutionary Choice” was the message on the banner, which was flanked by a flag on each side. The activity started under bright sunshine, but the skies gradually clouded over. This was welcome, however, as the temperature was still very high.

Many thumbs up could be seen in car windows during the action, alongside the occasional sour face and gesture from the easily offended. A man cycled past on the bridge and stopped about twenty metres away, taking his phone out and fiddling with it for a few minutes. Typical red behaviour, the comrades thought. But if the man were to somehow succeed in rousing a few communist dregs from their cannabis-induced stupor, it would only make the day better, as the Resistance men live for the struggle on the streets.

Since no reds showed up after a good while, the banner action was concluded. More activities were planned for the day, so everyone went back to their cars and headed to a residential area not too far away.

Here the comrades split into groups and quickly covered the whole area with leaflets. Just as they were about to move to another area, a supporter told them some reds had just been seen on the bridge and were putting up their own propaganda. In a hurry, the group went to their cars and drove as fast as they could back to the bridge.

Pathetic banners put up by equally pathetic individuals

The Resistance men retook their bridge with flags held aloft, this time to remove the hostile propaganda. Two of the saddest “banners” in history were torn from the bridge, something a child could do with ease, as they were made from material as worthless as the reds’ arguments for multiculturalism. To top it off, they hadn’t even fastened them straight; probably because they were scared of the Nazis coming back.

The ugly banners, which were obviously made a few minutes before the communists arrived at the scene, were pulled down within just 10 minutes. According to rumour, this was faster than Stockholm Police managed to take down a swastika flag on 20 April.

As usual, there was no one willing to stand behind the message

It should also be mentioned that it took the reds three hours, in the middle of Stockholm, on a Saturday afternoon, to scrape together enough people to crudely deface two sheets and attach them to a bridge.

When the comrades headed back the way they had come, they saw stickers on lamp posts, so they began following the trail left by the reds, in the hope of catching up with them. It was clear which route the rabble had taken, as there were stickers on every other lamp post. These were naturally removed immediately and replaced with Tyr Rune stickers. Suddenly the trail ended, but the Resistance men could discern what had happened from the clues.

The glue didn’t even have time to dry before the stickers were removed

The reds had stickered the exact same path the comrades had taken, but when they arrived at this point, they saw the Tyr Rune flags return to the bridge and fled headlong back to the subway station to go home to the safe arms of their parents, where they could spew their bile on the internet at a safe distance.

With the area cleansed of both propaganda and reds, the comrades continued with the next planned activity for the day. They proceeded to an outdoor gym to the east, where they would complete a basic training session. All the participants first had to test their fitness by running one kilometre around a floodlit trail. This was performed at the pace required to pass the activist test’s 2.6-kilometre distance in 12 minutes.

After everyone finished the run, they continued with the remaining exercises in the test. First, they performed chin-ups, followed by sit-ups, push-ups and back extensions, before concluding with standing long jumps. Since the search for the reds had taken a while, the group were satisfied with the exercises they had completed and once again continued their journey by car.

This time they made their way to Stockholm Archipelago, where they hiked to a nearby barbecue spot. Here, by the water, just like at the bridge over the motorway, there were people who appreciated healthy messages. A boat manned by three young men passed by near the barbecue, where the Tyr Rune flag waved in the wind. The men saluted both the flag and the comrades and received a similar greeting in return.

Afterwards a fire was started with the aid of various dead branches gathered nearby. When the flames grew large enough, they were fed with the confiscated “banners”. Within a few seconds, the threat to the Nazis was obliterated just as quickly as the reds’ morale on the day.

“No Nazis in Tallkrogen”

Some of the comrades then took a dip in the refreshing waters of the Baltic Sea, while the fire receded to a more suitable bed of embers. Pleasantly cooled after a full day in the summer heat, everyone sat by the fire to prepare the food they had brought and talk about the events of the day.

After eight hours had passed since the start of the activities, the comrades packed everything up and made their way back to the cars. Here they said their thank yous for a successful day and bid one another farewell until next time.