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Widespread activism across Sweden – Boycott the terrorist state!


ACTIVISM. Israeli and Zionist products have been marked with stickers in almost a hundred stores across Sweden.

Earlier this month, the Swedish radio show P4 Jönköping reported that stickers with QR codes linking to the Resistance Movement article “Why should you boycott Israel?” had been placed on products from the pro-Zionist company Nestlé in a Willys grocery store.

What was unknown at the time was that the shop in Habo, Jönköping municipality, was just one of 97 stores in 32 different municipalities that had been visited by Nordic Resistance Movement activists over the last week for the same purpose: to label the products of Israeli and Zionist companies to help customers make considered and healthy purchasing decisions.

Thousands of stickers have been placed directly on products, shelves and signs advertising the products, along with some placed outside the stores.

Activism has been reported in the following municipalities:

Avesta, Borlänge, Borås, Eksjö, Forshaga, Gävle, Göteborg, Hagfors, Huddinge, Jönköping, Karlstad, Kristianstad, Ludvika, Luleå, Lund, Malmö, Mullsjö, Sandviken, Skara, Skellefteå, Solna, Stockholm, Sundbyberg, Sundsvall, Tranås, Trollhättan, Uddevalla, Umeå, Vaggeryd, Vetlanda, Ystad and Östersund.

In addition to Willys, these retail chains have been also been visited: Coop, Ica, Hemköp, Lidl, Stadium, Jula, Citygross, Clas Ohlson, ÖoB, Dollarstore, Intersport, X-tra, Sportshopen, Pekås and Den svenska matrebellen. A Burger King and a McDonalds were also stickered.

According to reliable sources, activists around the country still have more stickers and the boycott activism will continue, perhaps even for as long as the state of Israel exists.

Below is a selection of all the photos that have come in from Ystad in the south to Luleå in the north: