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Expo’s annual report: “The Resistance Movement dominates the opposition”


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Swedish “anti-racist” magazine Expo has published its yearly report of “white power activities” in Sweden in 2018. It lists a “record number of activities” occurring in 2018, with the Nordic Resistance Movement responsible for 90 percent of them.

Expo Nordic Resistance Movement graphs
The growth of activities by year in the so-called “white power scene”, according to Expo. Image: expo.se

For the third year running, the anti-Swedish information organisation Expo has claimed that activities in the so-called “white power scene” in Sweden have risen to record levels. In 2016 they registered 3,064 activities, followed by 3,660 in 2017 and 3,938 in 2018.

“It’s a growth that signals the scene is currently acting with confidence and ambition,” Expo stated in the report.

Expo claimed that the 2018 election contributed to the increase in activities; however, they also note that the number of activities decreased in the election year of 2010. Furthermore, they state that all kinds of activities increased, not just electioneering.

According to Expo, manifestations and demonstrations increased significantly. In 2017 there were 177 such activities, but this rose to 370 last year. Expo stated this indicates “a more open and visible movement”.

The vast majority of all activities were conducted by the Nordic Resistance Movement, followed by Nordic Youth, Alternative for Sweden and The Free Sweden. In total, the Nordic Resistance Movement was responsible for 90 percent of the activities, while the other three organisations put together barely accounted for ten percent.

Expo Nordic Resistance Movement graphs
“The Nordic Resistance Movement dominates,” Expo claim, and indicate that 90 percent of all activities in the so-called white power scene during 2018 can be attributed to the organisation. Screenshot: expo.se

According to Expo, Alternative for Sweden is now part of the so-called white power scene. Despite the party investing heavily in the election campaign, Expo has only counted 126 activities by them during last year, which Nordic Youth surpassed with 160.

Altogether the Nordic Resistance Movement was responsible for 3,558 activities, double the number the entire “white power scene” conducted in 2011.

The Nordic Alt Right held seven activities in 2018, which Expo attributes to their being a “think tank for the white power movement” rather than an activist organisation.

Expo states: “Even though the Nordic Alt Right are mostly close to The Free Sweden and Alternative for Sweden, they also have links to the Nazi NRM, which the Nordic Alt Right’s representatives have expressed support for on several occasions.”

The most active municipality for “white power” activities, according to Expo, is Trelleborg, with 201 activities during 2018, followed by Ludvika (180), Stockholm (102), Nyköping (95) and Luleå (94). Both Kungälv and Boden, where the Resistance Movement focussed local election efforts, also placed highly, with 60 and 52 registered activities respectively.

Expo based its results on the activity numbers published by the various organisations featured in the report. In the Nordic Resistance Movement’s case, Expo took information from the article “The Resistance Movement’s activism year in Sweden 2018”, which was published shortly after the New Year.

Source: Rekordmånga vit makt-aktiviteter under 2018