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Interview with Sweden Democrat politician who joined the Nordic Resistance Movement


INTERVIEW. The former municipal councillor Max Fagerstedt reflects on developments in the Sweden Democrats and his move to a National Socialist organisation.

Max Fagerstedt

Max Fagerstedt, the former Sweden Democrat (SD) leader in Boxholm, Östergötland – now a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement – talks openly here about himself and the background to his switch of organisation. The former municipal politician reflects on the development of the party he left and tells us about his new life as an organised Resistance man.

For the readers who don’t know you, could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Max Fagerstedt, and I’m a 24-year-old man from Östergötland. I live with my girlfriend, who you might know from the “dangerous riots” in Oslo [a Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration that was attacked by the police – editor’s note], along with our two cats, who have so far not been exposed as National Socialist sympathisers.

There was a period in November when the media campaign against you and your partner was at its worst and you were attacked in the lying press. This coincided with your becoming a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement and meeting new comrades. That must have been a hectic time for both of you. Do you feel you have moved on from it now?

Yes, it was a tough period for us, but nothing that affected us that significantly. In fact, we were strengthened in our convictions. I applied for membership in the Resistance Movement on the same day Expo called me to ask about my girlfriend.

How would you describe the phase you both find yourself in today?

We are in a phase where we’re ready to become a part of the struggle in a serious way and do our best to reach final victory. Nothing strengthens your resolution like a media hate campaign against you.

Let’s take a step back in your story. When would you say your nationalist awakening occurred? Can you tell us a bit about what happened in your life at that time?

I started following the Nordic Resistance Movement in 2017, during the process of writing a college project about National Socialist views on class society. During that period, I was active in the Communist Party. After that, I started listening to podcasts and consuming other nationalist media. I made the mistake of joining the Sweden Democrats in the 2018 election campaign, hoping they were radical enough.

Tell us a bit about why you joined the Sweden Democrats. What visions did you have? Did you get positions of responsibility within the party early on?

I had a vision of the Sweden Democrats essentially being radicals who were just hiding their real agenda. You could say I swallowed the left’s propaganda line that the Sweden Democrats are actually National Socialists who are just waiting for the right opportunity.

I joined a small municipal council association and, like many young people who commit themselves to something, I was quite driven to succeed. I became responsible for the municipal association relatively quickly, but only became chairman in 2021, when we had enough numbers to break away from the party association that helped us get started. During the election campaign in spring 2022, I became a group leader with the task of preparing a dialogue with other parties. I was also employed as political secretary for the Sweden Democrats at regional level for two years.

While I wouldn’t say it was easy to get a career in the Sweden Democrats – on the contrary, it required a lot of commitment and drive from a “foot soldier” – in retrospect, I’ve gotten the impression that it’s generally easier to attain positions of responsibility in SD than it is in other parties. This may largely be due to the turnover of people as a result of the constant expulsions.

It’s interesting that you were already following the Nordic Resistance Movement at that time and shared many of the organisation’s viewpoints. I believe that in previous conversations with us you mentioned the phrases “racial consciousness” and the “Jewish question” when describing your views at that stage. Could you elaborate on your way of thinking at that time?

I think it was a process in which I was radicalised as I became more acquainted with various issues. I understood the race question early, so the illusion of open Swedishness became a trite concept to me. Then certain other issues – such as those concerning the mechanisms behind the population replacement, which is where the Jewish question comes in – took a little longer for me to fully understand, which I think is the case for many people.

Focused on individual policies

Did differences of opinion lead to conflicts with party colleagues? Did you sometimes feel you were compromising your inner beliefs?

I held back my beliefs and focused on individual policies instead. It didn’t take long before I realised that the opinions I had did not belong in the Sweden Democrats, so instead my differences of opinion manifested themselves in issues such as welfare sector profits, NATO and the EU – issues that are still ideological, but in practical politics are not necessarily as direct and polarising as the race question, for example.

You have implied that the Sweden Democrats you joined and the Sweden Democrats you recently left are not the same party. How would you broadly describe the party’s transformation during the years you were active in it?

They went from being a social conservative, nationalist party to instead becoming a liberal democratic, pro-globalist and even Zionist party. During my time with them, the Sweden Democrats cucked on everything from welfare sector profits to the EU and NATO. Today, they are not a party for the workers, nationalists or anti-globalists.

Sweden Democrats with Israeli flag
The Sweden Democrats

You have also mentioned a bit about the party’s reorientation on the NATO issue. Can you comment on what happened from your perspective?

In short, the party leadership threatened the party’s board to vote correctly on NATO; otherwise things would get difficult for individual members and board members. At least, that’s the information I received.

You said you wondered for a long time about how a possible media attack would affect you. Would you like to tell us more about these thoughts?

I thought Anti-Fascist Action, Säpo and assorted terrorists would be standing outside my house holding pitchforks. Well, not quite. But I definitely thought it would be a lot tougher. I thought it would feel like everyone knows who you are, that you are always being watched, but it’s not that dangerous. Regular Swedes couldn’t care less about you and you opinions. Only system lapdogs care (and possibly your family members, of course).

“Never give the media rats an inch”

When Expo contacted you in November about your partner’s participation in the Resistance Movement’s Oslo demonstration, you showed courage and steadfastness by completely refraining from apologising. What was that situation like and how did it make you feel?

Expo called my girlfriend first to ask her about her participation, so I was ready when they called me. I already knew how I would answer beforehand and I was pretty calm. Naturally, I felt somewhat uneasy, as you can never predict how such things will blow up in the media, but I prepared myself for the worst possible scenario and acted accordingly. You shouldn’t give the media rats an inch.

What do you want to say to other genuine nationalists in the Sweden Democrats who might be considering following your example but find it difficult to act?

Take the leap! You really have nothing to lose. You’ll lose your job? You’ll get a new one. Your partner or family will be upset? That’s understandable, but you’re doing this for future generations, not for instant gratification. The best thing you can do is contact your nearest representative and establish a dialogue, then join when you feel ready. Naturally, I had a dialogue with the Resistance Movement before my partner was doxxed. That meant a great deal when the day actually came.

Resistance man Max Fagerstedt

You are a new member in the Nordic Resistance Movement and Nest 8. How has the reception been? Do you feel you have found your role in the organisation yet?

It’s been an absolutely fantastic reception. The Nest and the organisation have done everything to make me feel at home and to help me and my partner through this period. I think people grow into roles, so I’m looking forward to growing into the role of a Resistance man, and not some mendacious politician.

Do you want to share some of your plans, hopes and dreams for the future?

My plan right now is to find my role in the movement, which will take time. In addition, I want to become a better Resistance man, and, frankly, I want to go from thinking like a politician to becoming a more honest person. Throughout my adult life, I’ve tried to sell politics to people. That’s wrong. People are naturally drawn to genuine commitment and genuine beliefs. Aside from that, I naturally want to have several children and create my own little mannerbund.

Loyalty, honour, strength
Loyalty, honour, strength

Thank you for your time and your answers, Max – and welcome to the Nordic Resistance Movement!

Thank you!