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Training and barbecue in the rain in Nest 4


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 4 celebrate the 1st of May despite less than ideal weather.

On the 1st of May, members from Nest 4 met at an outdoor gym in Sundsvall for communal strength and martial arts training in the true spirit of the day. The venue was lashed by wind and rain, but that didn’t stop the participants, who quickly warmed up and began training.

The warm-up lived up to its name, with the cold not bothering anyone for the rest of the training session. The participants started by jogging and sprinting, promptly followed by mobility exercises. The group had planned to run the onsite obstacle course, but decided against it due to the slipperiness of the obstacles and potential risk of injuries. Nevertheless, many of the participants were eager for the challenge, so they tested themselves on some sections of the course and did leg raises on the monkey bars.

Next up was boxing training, which included a thorough review and practice of the main punching techniques.

Once everyone was tired, the group relocated to a barbecue area and its accompanying shelter to eat. The comrades made a fire and warmed themselves while grilling sausages. After a long and pleasant chat, it was time to head home, with everyone in high spirits.

Nest 4 thanks everyone for their attendance. Towards brighter times and continued struggle!