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Nest 6 monthly meeting in the mountains


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 6 held their monthly meeting in the mountains of northern Sweden in August.

Last month, activists and members from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s sixth Nest met to go hiking and camping in the mountains, as well as to hold their monthly meeting.

Due to the long distances between locations in the country’s most northerly Nest, some of the Resistance men had to leave home the day before to arrive in time.

The National Socialists then spent a couple of hours on the road before coming to the place in Stora Sjöfallet National Park where Saturday’s rigours would begin. From there they hiked a few more hours and finally reached the location designated for their camp.

A beautiful mountain lake visible from the camp.

Besides the necessary partaking of food and drink, many interesting conversations were had by the comrades on the way. They then put up the tents at the camping site, and Nest Chief Robert Eklund gathered everyone for the monthly meeting.

In addition to going over recent matters in the Movement, Robert also informed everyone about forthcoming events. Afterwards, the majority of the participants went to bed while the rest decided to climb a small hill that looked inviting.

The way down was more exciting than the way up.

After sleeping as well as they could, everyone got ready for the return journey to the cars and then subsequently made their way home.

After the hike, many of the participants said they would have gladly stayed in the mountains for up to a week. As such, it’s not unlikely that a longer visit to the wilderness will be arranged in the Nest in future.