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Humiliation violence


OPINION. Paulina Forslund comments on the current debate surrounding humiliation violence, in which young Swedes are robbed and beaten by anti-white racial strangers.

Translated tweet text:
“Gang headstomps a Swedish girl while yelling: ‘Kill her, wallah’, ‘fuck her ribs’, ‘stomp her ribs'”

“Wallah” is an Arabic word that originally meant “I swear to Allah”, but is used today to mean “trust me, this is the truth”.

Humiliation violence is undeniably one of the most discussed topics in the media right now. I’m not at all surprised about what’s happening in this country – i.e., young Swedes being systematically targeted by racial strangers. They are considered potential easy targets, and regrettably this often turns out to be the case, just as a police officer (himself a racial stranger) pointed out on a panel debate recently. Swedish youth are viewed as wimps incapable of violence or self-defence. And that’s exactly how it is!

A few days later I read another opinion piece, this time by a Swedish journalist, who complained about people focussing on the “ethnicity of the perpetrators”. I wonder if this journalist has forgotten that there is a clear divide: the perpetrators = non-Swedes, and the victims = Swedes. Is this simply a coincidence, perhaps? Are these not HATE CRIMES we are witnessing? When perpetrators, in such an obvious and specific way, systematically target their victims by ethnicity, are the robberies and humiliation violence not a matter related to ethnicity?

Instead, as usual, they would rather shift the focus away from the obvious racial motives, making us Swedes wonder what more WE could do. Not for the victims, of course, but for the perpetrators. The usual empty phrases such as “exclusion”, social problems from an early age, problems in school, poverty, drug-addicted parents and so on are constantly used as reasons. I would just like to clarify a few small details. Swedish youths are (so far) still a majority in Sweden, and I can guarantee that there are many young Swedes (probably thousands) who suffer from the same problems. Exclusion, social problems from an early age, problems in school, poverty and drug-addicted parents. My follow-up question is an obvious one: Why do we not see young Swedes commit these degrading acts of violence? Since these factors apparently result in this kind of behaviour and these actions?

I haven’t found any debate in which the focus is on the victim. What does being subjected to such crimes do to a young person? They will become traumatized and have scars – mentally and perhaps even physically – that never heal. Yet there is no interest in the emotional aspects or safety of the victims when you look at the media’s reporting of these crimes. Instead the same horrific message is repeated by society to young Swedes: “We do not have the resources or the will to help you. You, sons and daughters of the Nordic countries, are second-class citizens in the current year of 2020. Your safety and future cannot be secured. Sincerely, the Swedish State.”

I argue that Swedish politicians betray Sweden and the ethnic Swedes. The betrayal is immense and absolutely unforgivable. We have to face crimes of all sorts without anyone taking responsibility for the real reasons why we are systematically targeted. We are defenceless in our own country. When we are the victims of a crime, the question that’s always asked is: What did the Swede do wrong? I have the answers to what we did wrong and they are many: We voted for politicians who hate Sweden and the ethnic Swedes. We were also naive. We believed in “everyone’s equal value”. We stopped defending ourselves. We let the media convince us that multiculturalism was “colourful and fantastic”. And, last but not least, we forgot our own value.

Young Swedes are going to continue to experience this humiliation violence while the police frantically try to “bond” with the “youths”, gang leaders and the criminals in the suburbs and ghettos. So that leaves only us to stand up for ourselves. It’s up to us to finally stop this madness! Just face it, no one else is going to do it for us. Mark my words.