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National Day in Nest 18


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Sweden’s National Day was celebrated with barbecue, competitions, fiery speeches and singing in a community of comradeship in Nests 1 and 8.

The neighbouring Nests of 1 and 8 have a tradition of celebrating National Day together – and why change a winning concept? This year, the venue for the celebration was situated far out in the country, in a scenic landscape a good distance from the cultural enrichment and decadence of the cities – a choice the weather gods rewarded with a cloudless sky and warm summer temperatures.

The meeting venue in the morning

While the morning was devoted to monthly meetings, the afternoon offered everything from barbecue, family activities and nationalist hymns to fiery speeches and a troubadour performance with sing-a-longs.

At the morning monthly meetings for members and activists, the previous period’s activities in both Nests were reviewed, while the coming month’s activities were planned. For those who were unable to attend this year’s edition of Organisation Days, a summary of important information from the event was presented, primarily concerning physical training. The meeting attendees were also informed about the big upcoming event of the summer – Nordic Days.

Monthly meeting

Barbecue and competitions

More family members and children arrived for the outdoor barbecue, along with some other invited guests. The warm weather must have worked up everyone’s appetite, as huge quantities of grilled meat were consumed during intensive conversations, cheerful noise and revelry.

But such frivolities do not satisfy a Resistance man or woman for long. After a while, they want to test their strength in battle. As such, four teams would contest a triathlon consisting of target shooting, a sack race and knife fights.

The competition was merciless and accusations of cheating – not least against the children – came thick and fast. However, the autocratic judge was firm in his decisions and finally declared a winning team. As far as could be discerned, Team “Aryans” took the glorious first place, while “George of the Jungle’s Army” finished in the somewhat less illustrious last place. The remaining two teams were therefore judged to have finished somewhere in the middle.

Sack race
Knife fight

Two competitions remained and would test intellectual prowess, rather than the strength of arms and legs. Two separate quizzes were on the agenda, with everyone now competing individually. The questions in the first quiz evaluated the participants’ knowledge of the subject “Recent public activism conducted in the Nests”. For example, how many times had a renowned activist with the nickname HMF (the Swedish abbreviation for “incitement to racial hatred”) been reported for this serious crime this year? At a well-publicised bridge action over National Road 73, how many minutes did the police take to arrive, before standing around scratching their heads? Who was honoured during an action in Nest 8 on 10 May? And so on.

In the second quiz, the participants’ knowledge of modern history was tested, along with their expertise in the disciplines of geography and vocabulary. This included questions such as: Who was Sweden’s prime minister before Olof Palme took office? What is a skvader? And what is the capital of Brazil?

Heavenly singing and fiery speeches

By this point, the comrades had been under the hot sun for a while, and some of the children’s legs were growing tired. Everyone therefore made their way into the coolness and shade of the building’s auditorium to enjoy two performances. Among the day’s guests was a highly skilled trained singer, who raised everyone’s spirits with a few classic nationalist hymns, before receiving a standing ovation at the end of her performance.

Amidst this heightened mood, activist Joakim Kannisto stepped up to the podium for an address in honour of National Day. Joakim began by reminding the audience of what we really celebrate on this day: the Swedish nation; or, more precisely, the Swedish people. He then listed numerous things commemorated on this day that are not really deserving of celebration, such as the coronation of a certain ancestor or the establishment and maintenance of a corrupt state.

An inspired speaker

Gustav Vasa is honoured on National Day because he freed Sweden from a union with Norway. But does the Nordic Resistance Movement not want to do the opposite and establish a new Nordic Union? How can such a contradiction be explained?

Kannisto clarifies here that it is the Nordic nation – which is synonymous with the White Nordic people – that forms the basis of the Nordic state our organisation wants to establish. The formation of a union built on today’s corrupt Nordic states would be a meaningless project.

But don’t we as National Socialists love the modern-day Swedish state? Kannisto has the answer:

No, we hate and despise this state, its modern politicians and everyone who represents it today!

The audience were also reminded of some of the reasons for this lack of affection. However, Kannisto explained it’s still predominately love – and not hate – that fills the hearts of Northmen. A love that also comes with responsibility:

Rather, what we love, protect and regard as a higher power is the White Nordic people, who laid the foundations of this nation. These foundations may have just as easily been created in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland or some other neighbouring country. The fact is that the borders between the living spaces of the Nordic peoples have varied over centuries and millennia, often as a result of the whimsical penstrokes of those in power. But now we White warriors stand here, with roots in all the Nordic countries, ready to swear our oath of loyalty to the struggle for a free Nordic Nation!

It was a very strong and inspirational speech.

Fika, socialising and troubadour-led singing

The fika tables now awaited out in the sunshine.

The singing could be heard for miles

Soon guitar chords and the voice of our organisation’s troubadour Henrik Pihlström could be heard. Henrik began by honouring the day with his old and new songs, which included a tribute to a certain unique historical leader in a country just south of Sweden – a track that garnered particular appreciation. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics to Henrik’s songs, and the audience’s singing was resounding. Throughout the day’s extensive repertoire, a series of nationalist classics like Frågor till far were performed, alongside songs by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Eddie Meduza.

As the last slices of cake disappeared from the plates and voices grew hoarse, the participants began to say their goodbyes and gradually departed, uplifted by a day filled with community spirit. All in all, it was an incredibly enjoyable National Day!