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Our Nine Political Points


OUR PATH. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s goals and visions have been summarized in nine points.

These are:

1. Immediately stop the mass immigration. Repatriation of the majority of all who are not northern European or of closely related descent is to begin as soon as possible. They are to be returned to their respective countries of origin or neighboring regions in the most humane way possible.

2. By all available means, and with a long-term perspective, work to regain power from the global Zionist elite who have economically and militarily occupied the greater part of our world.

3. Together with the remaining Nordic countries, create a self-sufficient Nordic Nation with a joint military, currency and central bank, and universal laws and rules. This will necessitate an immediate withdrawal from the European Union and any other similar anti-Nordic coalitions.

4. Establish a powerful government with a strong oversight by the people. Positions of leadership will be awarded based on competence, and the first and foremost goal of the government will be to work for the good of the people and for their preservation. The right to freedom of speech will be extensive and protected.

5. Our mass media will be owned by citizens of the new Nordic Nation. Both foreign and domestic media acting in a manner hostile to the Nordic people will have the possibility of being banned. A domination of media by any individual or conglomeration must be corrected.

6. Create a modern society living in harmony with the laws of nature. Our animal protection laws will be developed with an emphasis on ethics as opposed to profits. Nature and all its resources will be utilized using common sense and with future generations in mind. Right of public access will be preserved and protected.

7. Establish a National Socialist society where resources are distributed in such a way that benefits all people, both strong and weak, and where everybody has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. A social welfare safety net shall be put in place, entrusting people with both rights and obligations. The state will control all fundamental infrastructure of public interest, as controlling them would require a level of responsibility greater than what a private company can reliably deliver. A spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation will be encouraged.

8. Reinstate national compulsory military service and increase and expand all branches of the armed forces. All those who have completed their military service will retain their weapons and equipment. Every citizen should be able to contribute to the defense of the nation against both external and domestic threats.

9. Establish a constitutional state where all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. Educated lawyers will judge in Nordic courts. A People’s Court (jury style court) will be created for trying serious cases of treason against the people.

If you want to read these nine points elaborated upon to form a complete political platform, then please download Our Path.