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Activism day in Nest 3


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 11 January activists from Nest 3 held a full day of activism, with a public leafleting session, physical training and banner drops.

At noon the activists gathered at the C4 shopping centre outside Kristianstad, southern Sweden, where they began giving out leaflets under fluttering Tyr rune flags. The Resistance men’s presence was appreciated by a lot of passers-by on the day, which may have been due to the sharply increasing foreign criminality in the city.

After about one and a half hours of discussions with the people, the activists moved on to a nearby training field, where they warmed up with running before practising sparring, knife fighting and punching techniques. The group trained by pitting one man against two in order to simulate real-life street fighting. The most popular event was knife fighting, in which an activist practised defending himself against a knifeman and then disarming him.

After training, the activism continued with the hanging of a series of banners in municipalities around Scania and Halland with the message “NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL”.

“Activism Day – Nest 3”