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Continued activism against Israel across the Nordic countries


ACTIVISM. In response to the ongoing armed conflict in the Middle East, several actions against the terrorist state of Israel were conducted last weekend.

“Death to Israel”

The Nordic Resistance Movement was in various locations in central Stockholm for over four hours on Saturday, distributing leaflets, displaying banners, burning Israeli rags and giving speeches against Zionism.

Stockholm activists have been persistent in demonstrating their opposition to Israel and were out again the very next day, conducting a public banner action on a bridge over a busy road. They report that many people in passing cars, both White and non-White, showed their support with various gestures.

Banners were placed over roads in Stockholm, Rinkeby and Solna:

“Long Live the Resistance – Smash Zionism”

Banners were also put up in Jönköping, Tranås, Nässjö and others:

Activism was also conducted outside of Sweden; for example in Oslo and Bergen, Norway:

“We support any resistance against Zionism!”

And in Reykjavik in Iceland: