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The Resistance Movement stands against Stockholm Pride


ACTIVISM. A brief summary of the counter-demonstration conducted by the Nordic Resistance Movement at Stockholm Pride.

After some activism in the morning, the Resistance men went to Stockholm’s inner city to view the spectacle that is the “pride parade”. The comrades had already attracted a police entourage by the time they had entered the city, so the plan of reaching the intended location discreetly was scrapped, and they went as a group instead.

As the parade was scheduled to go along Kungsgatan, then down to Sturegallerian and Humlegården, the comrades went to one of the bridges that crosses Kungsgatan and took up positions. It didn’t take long before around 20 plainclothes and uniformed police arrived at the scene. There was a wait of about an hour and a half for the beginning of the procession to reach the location. Meanwhile, the area filled up with more and more people, who for some inexplicable reason wanted to watch the spectacle of their own accord.

A handful of National Socialists stand against thousands of deranged people
Always full of love

When the procession came round the corner, a banner with the message “Protect the Family – Mother, Father, Children” was unfurled and lowered over the edge of the bridge. It didn’t take long before some mentally ill people freaked out and tried to rip the banner away. Naturally the attempt failed, and instead it caused the police to usher more people away from the scene. Despite a huge police presence in a very small area, the officers still could not prevent numerous other deranged reds and homosexuals who were offended by the laws of nature from trying to grab the banner. However, all attempts were repelled and failed, and the banner remained in place, much to the chagrin of the homosexuals.

The preachers at the demonstration had a very radical message

When the procession finally passed, the activists moved on – feeling tortured due to everything they had to witness for so long – with the police and reds on their heels. On the way to the next stop, the group encountered a racial alien who was preaching about how he believed homosexuality is a sin that sends you to hell. The majority of his audience consisted of homosexuals, who were not at all happy with what they heard. However, the man ignored them and continued with his impressive preaching, which was completely improvised.

The police protect what is most important to them

Next, the group went to Sergels Torg, where they planned to make a rainbow flag go up in smoke. However, the police believed that the flag the Resistance men had brought with them had been stolen from the parade and seized it. They then consulted with their higher-ups as to whether any crime had been committed, purely based on the thought of burning it. When the police finally understood that the flag had been brought by the Resistance men, they returned it to them. After a short speech about this sacred symbol of the state – whose destruction is seen as worse than that of holy texts – the public approached and wanted to help destroy the flag. This resulted in a tug-of-war to rip it apart, with almost all the participants being from the audience.

With the flag destroyed, the comrades left the city and travelled on together to get something to eat and discuss the day. As a final activity, they gathered several rainbow rags that had been collected by autonomous National Socialists during the week, which then went up in flames at an isolated location. A fitting end to the day!