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Activism across the Nordic countries for the White indigenous people


ACTIVISM. In connection with Indigenous People’s Day on 9 August, the Resistance Movement is conducting activism across the Nordic countries, putting up banners and posters in multiple municipalities.

For the third consecutive year, the Nordic Resistance Movement is participating in the campaign organised by the British organisation Patriotic Alternative to raise awareness of the ongoing destruction of the indigenous peoples in the Western world. Now known as the International Day of Pro-White Action, the campaign is taking place from 9 to 13 August across various countries. Slogans used so far in the activities include “White Lives Matter” and “Stop the Population Replacement”. This article will be updated as more reports come in.

Update 13 August 16:08:

Speeches held on Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Sweden
Leaflet distribution outside the Swedish Parliament, Stockholm
Bergen, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Jönköping, Sweden

Update 13 August 15:13:

Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, Norway
Reykjavik, Iceland

Update 13 August 13:20:

Oslo, Norway
Borås, Sweden

Update 13 August 10:40:

Hørning, Denmark
Banners in Aabenraa and Græsted, Denmark
Solbjerg, Denmark
Aabenraa, Denmark
Trørød, Denmark
Høsterkøb, Denmark
Banners in Tanum and Uddevalla, Sweden

Update 20:30:

Public activity in Karlstad, Sweden
Karlstad, Sweden
At a car cruising event in Tranås, Sweden

Update 18:15:

Skellefteå, Sweden
“No one voted for the population replacement!” – Skellefteå, Sweden

Original article:

Stockholm, Sweden
“Stop the Population Replacement” – Stockholm, Sweden
Karlstad, Sweden
Vetlanda, Sweden
Vetlanda, Sweden
Kristinehamn, Sweden
Tranås, Sweden
Tranås, Sweden
Habo, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Skanderborg, Denmark
Beder, Denmark
Aulum, Denmark
Ikast, Denmark
The organisation in Sweden has also been conducting an extended campaign against the population replacement, which has involved delivering leaflets on an ongoing basis. This has continued in connection with the International Day of Pro-White Action, including here in Jönköping.