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The psychology of genocide: How we are being manipulated into guilt and shame


OPINION. Through decades of manipulation and subversive propaganda, many generations of whites have been taught to react emotionally and irrationally to specific words, notions and phenomena. Inducing an entire race into committing suicide because of shame and guilt isn’t that difficult, if you know what you’re doing.

White people weighed down from the burden of an artificially acquired sense of guilt.

The fact that we, Europeans, have a tremendously glorious history, that we built the grandest civilizations, created the most beautiful culture and explored the vastest continents is for some obvious, and for us National Socialists is no controversy.

The list is long and even though we are not the only people who have contributed to the fantastic biological and cultural diversity that characterizes our world, it is the Europeans who stand out as the most successful, kind-hearted and creative people that have ever wandered our earth.

But none of us was born a National Socialist. Most of us have attended Swedish school, seen the same Hollywood films, read the same lies in the press and learned the same history as our fellow citizens who belong to the slumberous masses. What then is associated with the notion of “white people” in the mind of the simple man? The cathedrals of Europe, the heavenly music, science, the medical art, the inventions and the discoveries or space travel? Hardly.

The operas of Wagner are an excellent example of our people’s greatness. Inspired by ancient stories, Wagner created magnificent, ground-breaking music that is as relevant today as it was in the 1800s.

What about slavery, oppression, imperialism, environmental destruction, war and obliteration? Or maybe prejudice, hate, stupidity and an absolute lack of spirituality?

I contend that white people collectively react to their own racial and cultural identity with a strong feeling of shame and guilt, sometimes even with pure and clear malignancy.

The notion of “White people” is probably only topped by that of the “White race”, which generates images of death camps, bloodthirsty skinheads abusing innocent people and brutal experiments on the disabled.

Slavery is something that white people readily associate themselves with, even though it has been practised by all peoples.
Notre-Dame de Paris is, however, not regarded as something typical for the “White man”, even though its equivalent is, with just a few exceptions, only found in Europe.

We often say that the media and the establishment manipulate people into believing lies or that the broad masses misinterpret information or reach mistaken conclusions from the information they receive. But what does this really mean? Does this simply mean that people are easily deluded and may believe in anything, or are there deeper mechanisms behind it?

When lies become truth

A master of manipulation can actually radically form a man’s thoughts – indeed, he may even make someone believe in things that not only are complete nonsense but also in things that a person knows to be false. One of the foremost methods used to deeply manipulate a person is by using guilt and shame.

The British illusionist Derren Brown successfully showed in his TV show “The Experiments” that it is possible with the help of guilt and conditioning to even convince someone that he has committed murder, even though the subject knows that he hasn’t.

The person in question was manipulated into believing that he actually murdered another person despite that he knew for a fact that he was never involved in such a tangible and personal incident. How difficult is it then to make a whole nation believe in something abstract, as for example its own inherent “evil”, or in stories about events in which someone was not even present but for which he is supposed to bear some kind of collective guilt?

Evolutionary psychologist Dr. Kevin MacDonald has researched why the northern Europeans are specifically susceptible to this kind of manipulation. MacDonald speaks of the “pathological altruism” – that our people have been endowed by evolution with a considerably more developed empathetic character than others. I do not intend to go deeper into why the pathological altruism has grown so strong in the northern Europeans, but its existence should be obvious to all. It is enough to ask yourself: Is there, or has there ever been, another people that are prepared to sacrifice their whole existence only because they think that it can help another, completely foreign people?

Our strength has become our weakness

Our people’s empathy is, of course, one of our most noble features. However, it has been identified as a weakness by our enemies, and to find out the weaknesses of those you wish to manipulate is a precondition for the manipulation to be carried out effectively.

In Brown’s TV show the subject of the experiment was manipulated into associating a touch or a specific sound with a feeling of guilt. Further on, he was exposed to situations that made him question his own memory – and finally, de facto, his own judgement. The subject of the experiment has also been chosen based on criteria that make him a typical northern European. He is kind-hearted, caring, empathic and trusting – and that’s why he is also extra susceptible specifically to feelings of guilt.

Similarly, we have been manipulated to react to specific words, notions, phenomena and events by feeling guilty and shameful. This is done, for example, by describing our people’s history as bloody, unrelenting and packed with terrible and criminal incidents – this is repeated time and time again to us from a young age. It happens in our school years, when we watch historical movies, when we read history books or when we turn on the TV. It is pushed down our throats until the only conclusion we can come to is that it is exactly these things that define who we are, followed by an enormous sense of guilt.

The fact that all the peoples of the world have practised slavery while the Europeans are the only ones that abolished it for moral reasons is, however, never mentioned.

Neither the fact that the trade of European slaves was run by another people who gladly pose as whites in various questionable contexts but never miss an opportunity to tell the world how evil white people are. The fact that most of the nations that ever existed have at different times in history attempted to conquer and subjugate other people by war and imperialism, and the only thing that makes the Europeans stand out is the degree of their success, is, of course, ignored. Or, finally, it is never mentioned that the so-called “Holocaust” lacks de facto physical or written evidence, as the story, according to the doctrine, is supported by substantial evidence and documentation which are never exhaustively defined.

To assail someone with information pointing to one direction and, at the same time, omit everything else which, somehow, points to another, is a classical manipulation technique assiduously used by the sales management branch. Exactly as the object of Brown’s TV show experiment was taught to react with guilt to a touch or a sound, the white people have been taught to associate some signals from the establishment with feelings.

It works like the famous experiment with Pavlov’s dogs, but instead of salivary secretion at the sound of the bell, the white man reacts with feelings of fear, wrath and most of all guilt when he hears words like “holocaust”, “slavery” and “racist”.

We are being continuously subjected to messages from different channels and trained to react to them in specific ways.

This became especially obvious for me through a discussion I had with a childhood friend who mentioned that Nordfront was a very “hateful” news page. I couldn’t see any truth in it so I tried to question him in order to determine how he reasoned and how he reached that conclusion.

It soon became obvious that he associated critical review of some phenomena with ”hate”, while all the media campaigns persecuting nationalists, for example, escaped him utterly unnoticed.

I believe that Nordfront’s news coverage is no more hateful than any other media’s. The only difference is that we criticize mass immigration, Zionism, the homosexual lobby, feminism etc. – positions we have taken that are depicted as “hateful” regardless of whether our criticism is justified and balanced or not. Similar hateful reactions arise when we positively present news in favour of the survival of the Nordic people, natural gender roles, sound sexuality or some countries’ aspiration to exist independently and act without the forced influence of globalists.

Even though it must be obvious to everybody who can still think clearly that the government/regime media lie and cross all lines of decency when they ”investigate” nationalists, it is never perceived as ”hateful” according to the same acquired thinking patterns, mainly because of these conditional associations to the ”Holocaust”, violence, hate and evil.

The media’s extremely biased hate campaigns against the Resistance Movement are perceived by the manipulated masses as “investigative journalism”. At the same time, the smallest criticism of sensitive subjects is immediately presented as “hate”.

In George Orwell’s classic novel “1984” the phenomenon of “newspeak” is probably the most successful and prophetic description of our times. The idea is that by changing and limiting the language, one changes and limits the thoughts of those who use it. In “1984”, the totalitarian regime lumps together different notions into one and the same word so that people eventually lose the ability to tell them apart.

Newspeak plays an important role in the manipulation of white people. In modern Swedish we have terms like “bomb Nazis”, “undocumented migrants”, “violent extremists” and “iron pipe websites”. And of course people automatically refer to all non-Europeans who illegally came to western countries as “refugees”, regardless of the motive for their intrusion.

I have, however, two personal favourites: “internet hate” and “hate facts”. In the former case, they have created a concept including everything from mild critique to immigration discussed on the internet, to clearly criminal acts where women are stalked, threatened and harassed on social media. All in order for those who come in contact with these concepts not to be able to discriminate between politically uncomfortable opinions and criminality. In the latter case, it has to do with information that indeed is true (facts), but because of its pro-European character and perspective (hate) should not be disclosed.

The faces of arrested members of various rape gangs in Great Britain. There is an obvious common denominator, but that fact is full of hate according to the establishment.

The manipulation of those who do not allow themselves to be manipulated

What happens when manipulation fails? When a European breaks through this barrier of lies and realizes that everything he’s learned is actually false, when a feeling of pride grows strong, mixed with the natural survival instinct and will to fight for the survival of his people?

When nothing else works and the manipulator starts doubting his ability to manipulate, but at the same time he is not willing to give up, the last alternative left is usually intimidation and threats. It is similar to the way insecure men, with a need to control their woman, use the threat of violence or even violence itself when they feel they have lost their mental advantage. At that point, the manipulator no longer expects to be able to control the thoughts of its victim, but is merely after a verbal confession, subordination and obedience.

The private intelligence service “Expo” is an example of an instrument used on those who begin to grow resistant/immune to manipulation. They receive great amounts of money from the establishment in order to identify and intimidate dissidents and, moreover, they seem to stand above the law.

The northern European’s empathic and social character makes him terrified of social repression. A vague threat of being exposed, slandered and defamed by the media lingers over the head of anyone who stands up against the hostile establishment. A threat of losing his job, of being excluded from some social contexts or even from his family and kin. From an evolutionary perspective, according to Kevin MacDonald, this has to do with the fact that our ancestors would face a certain death in the bitter ice age climate if they suddenly were to be excluded from their social circle and left alone without their tribe.

The media also use very subtle forms of intimidating manipulation in their persecution and defamation campaigns when, for example, they describe seemingly unimportant and irrelevant details about those they try to silence in order to put their “victim” in a submissive and exposed position. An example of this is when I was personally attacked in the local media, when they wrote, among other things, that on some occasion I supposedly said that I would never think of being in a relationship with a woman who has been with many men – a quite common view among men and, thus, uncontroversial but completely irrelevant in the context. Their goal was to focus the spotlight on me as a person, inform the whole world about my preferences on women and, in this way, try to make me feel exposed and vulnerable in order to get a psychological advantage over me.

Excerpt from the Norran newspaper’s description of the undersigned where, among other things, he finds it relevant to mention my preferences on the opposite sex.

Some political terror groups act as footsoldiers on the streets on behalf of the globalists who manipulate the people and threaten the use of violence, mainly against private property. The effect of these groups, however, has not been particularly successful in recent times and that’s why we witness a development where politicians and policemen, for example, have started threatening everything and everybody who dare to stand up against the enemy or think independently. While the police express vague threats of arresting participants in constitutionally protected demonstrations, the politicians talk about taking “harder measures” against oppositional groups.

This intimidation tactic is particularly successful on people with a fear of conflicts who are likely to prostrate themselves, hoping that the aggressive party will calm down.

Thanks to this, the Nordic Resistance Movement has a character of a workers’ and underclass movement, despite the fact that we oppose the class fight for the benefit of the folkish community. But those who live a more bourgeois life, with a career, “important” acquaintances and an economy chained to bank loans and expensive investments, nowadays have much more to lose by publicly opposing the system they depend upon.

He who leads a simple lifestyle has very little to lose. It is therefore more difficult to manipulate him into being silent.

The Stone Age brain dominates

It is important to understand how manipulation works in order to manage it more effectively. When you see it coming, you should see it for what it is and not allow yourself to be emotionally affected. I have, of course, only scratched the surface in an attempt to awaken thoughts in the reader. A more extensive review of all the manipulation techniques used by the deceivers would be too big for this article.

However, knowledge alone is not enough because we are not rational creatures adapted to the world we live in. We have been living as modern people in a modern world a relatively short time compared to the thousands of years we lived in small tribes under very similar conditions to the Stone Age man. Our brains have not had the time to develop at the same pace with the development of our societies, which also explains why man often acts irrationally in many contexts concerning our drives and emotions.

Man’s preference for unhealthy food is another example of how our brains have not kept up and adjusted to the modern world.

It is thus important that our political struggle is combined with a cultural one where pride of our origins is once more normalized, exactly as it is for any other people anywhere on earth. We have all reasons to stand upright, not only because we are Europeans and northerners but also because we are National Socialists, a brave and growing minority who fight for a decent and healthy society, against those dark and evil forces who aim to destroy all that is good, beautiful and true.

We stand today nearly empty-handed; the line of culture and traditions that was previously passed down naturally from generation to generation has essentially been broken. We have broken it down piece by piece, deceived by our enemies’ lies, and replaced it with a rootless, cosmopolitan Hollywood dream. I believe that there is hardly any Swedish culture left today. Similarly, the natural community between the sexes is gone and men and women do not know what a healthy masculinity or a healthy femininity is anymore – ignorance that only leads to conflicts and misunderstandings.

Dark forces have deprived us of almost everything. What is left, however, is our blood that must be the foundation for the reconstruction of a healthy culture.

Yet we still have our blood that binds us closer together than the strongest bond. As long as there exist breathing Nordic men and women who are prepared to carry out a radical political and cultural struggle, it doesn’t matter what we have lost because we can build something new and better that will stand until the end of time.

He who sows lies will in the end get his harvest, and soon will he safely rest from his toil as others will sow and harvest in his place.
-J.R.R. Tolkien – Silmarillion.