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Nest 3 canoe tour in Scania


ACTIVISM. On 16 June Nest 3 began a two-day canoe tour in Scania, southern Sweden. The starting point was the village of Stockmöllan, northwest of the Västra Ringsjön lake.

The group was made up of beginners and the experienced, so part of the first day was spent allowing the aforementioned to practice and improve their skills. This gave the more seasoned participants the opportunity to take it easy and enjoy their surroundings, which included cows grazing on large fields surrounded by forests, and dragonflies resting on the reeds.

The first leg of the tour ended at a camping site outside the small village of Anderstorp. There the Resistance members quickly pitched their tent before preparing wood for the fire and barbecue. After eating, one member gave a talk about survival in the wilderness. It focused on the necessity of warmth, water, sleep and food for the human body; the type of equipment needed for survival; and the importance of good boots and a backpack.

After the talk, the members had a range of discussions about differing political ideas and interests outside of the organisation. Others used the time to challenge one another in different forms of strength exercises.

The next day everyone was up bright and early to begin preparing more wood for another fire. This time sausages and open sandwiches were on the menu.

Saturday had brought cloud and sunshine, but the weather on Sunday alternated between rain and sun. This didn’t dissuade the Resistance members, however, who packed up the tent straight after breakfast and set off down the Rönne River in the canoes.

The next leg of the journey was a little longer, and there were more obstacles to navigate in the canoes. Everyone in the Nest was able to practise working in a group to overcome the obstructions together. Some pushed themselves a bit further and had to do more as a result, but that was just part of the challenge.

After a few hours of canoeing, the Resistance members stopped for lunch. Some took the opportunity to dry their wet clothes by sunbathing a little on the ground. After resting, everyone continued down the river towards the final destination point, Herrevad Abbey, outside the town of Ljungbyhed.

The weekend’s canoe tour helped build a stronger team spirit through practical challenges as well as allowing members to get to know one another better in more relaxed surroundings. Once they’d reached their end goal, everyone thanked one another for their company and headed home.