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The Resistance Movement on the streets of Jönköping


ACTIVISM. Members from Sweden’s Nest 7 distributed leaflets in central Jönköping on Saturday 10 June.

Comrades from Nest 7 met in Jönköping and walked in a united troop to the central parts of the city, before stopping at an intersection to unfurl their flags and start handing out leaflets. The day’s work of turning all White Jönköping residents into fanatical National Socialists had begun.

It was a warm summer’s day and there were a lot of people out and about. Many of them took leaflets and stopped to talk with the Resistance men. The comrades enjoyed a lot of pleasant and productive conversations with sympathisers and some generally curious and humble people.

However, they also had to endure the nonsense of some crazy and arrogant individuals, whose natural racial character has been degraded by the enemy’s brainwashing and demoralisation propaganda. Hopefully some of these people at least had a small seed of healthy thinking planted in them, but for the others, the healing process will probably only begin after our accession to power.

After having conducted activism for a good while, the activists successfully concluded the activity for the day. See you next time, Jönköping!