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Bridge action in Sweden’s Nest 1


ACTIVISM. Comrades combined a social activity by the sea with a banner action in Stockholm on 4 June.

The group met in the early afternoon near the capital, before heading to the Stockholm Archipelago off the coast.

Upon arriving at the intended location, the comrades walked a short distance through the forest until they reached the Baltic Sea. The beautiful nature of the archipelago stands in stark contrast to the concrete blocks that characterise the landscape of the big city.

Here the Resistance men immediately started a large fire with dead wood they found in the forest. Some of the party tried their luck at fishing from a nearby jetty, while others chatted by the fire.

After the fire died down a little, the men started grilling the food they had brought along, with the soothing sounds of the waves and birds in the background. When everyone had finished their meal and talked around the glowing embers for a while, they made their way back to the cars.

The trip then went on to Mordor, aka Stockholm, where a banner action would be held. After checking out some new bridges over other roads towards the city, the group ended up going to the previously utilised site at Skogskyrkogården.

A banner with the text “White Workers Built This Country” was hung over the railings and flanked by Tyr rune flags on both sides. A large smoke grenade was then ignited to draw even more attention to the activity.

As always when the Resistance Movement holds a banner action, there were both positive and negative responses from passers-by.

Later on, a group of six police officers arrived on the scene in two cars, hoping the trainees among them would learn something from the encounter. But to their great disappointment, they were completely ignored and subsequently left the scene as quickly as they had arrived.

The hopelessness on the faces of the officers when the Resistance men ignored their questions was plain to see

Towards the end of the activity, an elderly Swedish man riding a bicycle stopped on the footpath under the bridge and started filming the Resistance men with his phone. When he finished, he shouted something that was difficult to hear amid the sound of the wind and cars. The only part that could be made out was something about “a lot of foreigners”, only with a different word used for “foreigners”. Based on the context, the comrades could only interpret this exclamation as a sign of approval for the activity.

After standing on the bridge for a good while into the evening, the comrades felt satisfied with the day’s efforts and rolled up the banner and flags, before heading home.