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Are you for or against acts of multicultural violence?


MULTICULTURALISM. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement reflects on the act of madness in Vetlanda and the proposal to ban “racist” organisations.

Vetlanda terrorist attack and Nordic Resistance Movement activismSo it’s happened again. Last week an Afghan citizen committed a crazed knife attack in the Småland town of Vetlanda, stabbing seven people. Multicultural violence affects people daily in Sweden, and not just in the ghettos or big cities, but also out in the small towns.

Afghan terror attacker in Vetlanda, Sweden
The man who stabbed seven people in Vetlanda

Although acts of madness like this are still relatively uncommon, it is neither the first nor the last time it will happen. I remember the Eritrean man who stabbed a mother and her son in an unprovoked attack in an Ikea store in Västerås in 2015, for example. Of course, I also remember the more blatant terrorist attack in Stockholm in 2017, when an Uzbek man drove a truck directly into a crowd, killing five people.

Terrorist Rakhmat Akilov
The perpetrator of the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan, Stockholm, 2017

On the other hand, murders committed by racial strangers against Swedes are a frequent occurrence. One only has to look back at the previous year to find high-profile cases such as Tommie Lindh in Härnösand and Anna-Lena Lernhede in Kungälv. Even more common are the rapes, assaults and humiliation robberies that take place on a daily basis around the country – almost exclusively with foreigners as the perpetrators and Swedes as the victims.

Tommie Lindh
Tommie Lindh

In the big cities, there are areas that are completely controlled by foreign gangs, so-called no-go zones – areas where ambulances and fire brigades can’t go without police escort, and which the police don’t want to visit unless they have to. In nearly all of the country’s municipalities, there are ghettoes that are on their way to becoming future no-go zones.

More and more racial foreigners are crossing our borders every day, while very few are going home. This hardly alleviates the problems.

So what is the government doing about all this? Do they close the borders? Do they take tough measures against racially foreign criminality? Do they increase surveillance of people who are highly likely to commit anti-Swedish crimes in the future?

The Swedish government
The Swedish government. Photo: Ninni Andersson/The Swedish Government Offices

No, none of this. Instead they focus on how they can stop those of us actually resisting and attempting to create change. In 2019 the government appointed a committee to investigate whether “racist” organisations should be banned, and last week their conclusions so far were revealed – namely that they believe being a member of “racist” organisations should be forbidden, and that they will work towards this end.

Details regarding this issue – such as exactly how a racist organisation should be defined – are at present unclear, but it’s no wild guess to assume that one of the system’s aims is to make it illegal for Swedish citizens to oppose the foreign violence that’s becoming ever more widespread. This means it would be illegal to arrange and participate in rallies of the kind that the Nordic Resistance Movement held in Vetlanda last Saturday.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Vetlanda
Soon to be banned if the government get what they want?!

Instead of doing something about the problems and protecting their people, they choose to surrender completely and punish those who try to do something. So does the Swedish government want its own people to be subjected to all the violence and misery that comes with the mass invasion?

Who knows? But it’s more likely that they see it as a manageable side effect. The multicultural society must be enforced at all costs. The Swedish people will be diluted, and Sweden will no longer be Sweden. To enforce this goal – the goal of the globalists – people just have to put up with a few stabbings, terrorist attacks and rapes.

The Resistance Movement takes action here and now by being on the streets and squares and inspiring the people to fight back – and to remember the victims as well as the perpetrators. We act for the long-term goal of an ethnically homogeneous Nordic region, where anti-Swedish violence has been thrown on the rubbish heap of history together with those responsible for having allowed it.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner activism, Sweden
“This is our country!”

Do you agree with the government or the Resistance Movement? Are you for or against acts of multicultural violence? Do you think it’s worth the risk of your daughter being raped, your son being robbed or that you yourself might be randomly run over by a truck or stabbed when you go to town – all so your grandchildren will have a dark skin colour and speak a foreign language? If the answer is yes, I think you should remain quiet and live your life in your bubble. If not, it’s damn well time to join the struggle and start resisting!

The more of us who stand up for what is right, the more difficult it will be for them to actually force through their ban.

Ants working together
“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”

Do you think it’s all over – that it’s too late to do something about it? I say it’s not, but naturally it’s your own choice if you want to tell your children that you’re at least doing – and have done – everything you can, or if you will say instead that you were too cowardly, too lazy and too defeatist even to try.

The insane attack in Vetlanda didn’t have to happen. It happened because you accept that this happens.