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On alternative life choices and the national struggle


IDEOLOGY. Simon Lindberg reiterates and clarifies some points of discussion about alternative life choices from the most recent episode of the Ledarperspektiv podcast.

On the latest episode of Ledarperspektiv, we discussed the Nordic Resistance Movement’s official position on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as touching on the topics of Zionism and counter-jihadism. In the segment titled “Lindberg’s Observations”, I spoke as usual from a more personal perspective about something completely different than the main subjects of the episode – namely, alternative theories, diet and clean-living. A couple of the things I wanted to get across were that, firstly, no one is perfect, and therefore you must choose your battles; and, secondly, that “what is perfect” in regard to many (but not all) issues, can be seen from various perspectives, and can quite rightly look different to different people.

Afterwards, a listener who was sceptical about what I had said got in touch and had some thoughts about the latter of these topics, so I thought this article could serve as a reiteration of my comments, as well as an opportunity to clarify some things. It turned out that the listener actually largely agreed with me, but had misunderstood a fairly important part of my point. I thought that if one person had misunderstood, maybe more had done so. Perhaps I had been unclear about something I said; and if not, and only this one person had misunderstood, it still doesn’t hurt to repeat and clarify things.

Healthly lifestyle compass

What I said on Ledarperspektiv was that when it comes to people who are well informed and have seen through the propaganda charades about “the human race” and the magnificence of the current democracy, and understood who actually has the most power in society via their almost total control of the media, banking and the entertainment industry, it is very common for such people to eventually become highly critical and begin to question just about everything. In the totally upside-down world we live in, this is actually something that’s mostly very healthy and positive.

This has led to some of these truth-seekers arriving at alternative solutions and life choices when it comes to everything from diet to technology. This is of course something I view as very positive – that people actually try to see as many different sides of an issue as possible and then make active choices from the information obtained, choices based on what they carefully consider to be the best for their health, the environment and the struggle.

However, there are exceptional cases when this truth-seeking goes too far, when these alternative theories are regarded by their adherents as more important than the truly decisive issues that we must always agree upon – issues wherein the survival of our race actually depends on whether or not we can be united. I’m referring to cases such as those when two active and convinced National Socialists fall out with each other because one advocates fluoride toothpaste and the other does not; or when one advocates veganism and the other eats meat. Firstly, none of these positions can actually be said to be either perfect or incorrect, but rather just different interpretations based on the information available. Secondly, and more importantly, these are issues that are naturally not nearly as important as the race question and Jewish question, for example, and therefore generally not issues worth quarrelling over.

Evil forces rule our world today. Most companies are driven by profit rather than ethics. Many have anti-White advertising campaigns or racially foreign owners. This means that if you search actively enough, you will find faults in most things. This also means that in today’s society it becomes virtually impossible to live one’s life perfectly, and thus one must understand that not everyone has the capability, or perhaps even a practical opportunity, to be able to live like a “puritan”. Perhaps it’s too dull never to eat sugar, watch Hollywood movies or drink alcohol. Maybe it’s too expensive to choose locally grown and organic food, or it could be too laborious to wash cloth diapers for your baby. Or whatever the case may be.

Is such a person worse than one who lives 100% according to what he believes is right and who never “sins” according to his own standards? Are you a better National Socialist because you live “puritanically”? Are you a better parent?

Maybe you are, but it isn’t necessarily the case. There can be different ways of looking at the matter. Who is the best parent? The one who lives according to all alternative life choices, but who puts his child in day care from a very young age, or the one who “cheats” a little here and there, but who stays at home with his child as long as the child needs it? Who is the best from a health standpoint? The one who eats 100% right and never cheats, but who ignores his training; or the one who trains 100% right and never skips a gym session, but who isn’t as careful with his diet? There are pros and cons with both of these types of life choices, and with completely different ones as well. Doing everything perfectly is largely out of the question for most people. In the same way, one could also ask who is the best National Socialist – the one who lives “best” or the one who engages in the struggle the most?

It’s all about choosing your battles and, instead of failing in everything, making sure that you at least succeed in what you yourself have chosen to prioritise – the battle you have actively chosen to fight more than any other.

The problem, however, is when all these alternative issues appear to be more important, and, in various contexts, are allowed to take up more space than the truly decisive ones. This risks creating discord and scaring people away from the struggle, rather than uniting and attracting people. Of course, it would be great if everyone in the Nordic countries reassessed their sugar consumption, but if the choice has to be made, I would much rather see them actually fighting actively to implement National Socialism while eating a little too much sugar!

Because of this, there are also many alternative theories and issues of a less important nature that the Resistance Movement does not take, and probably will not take, a direct position on. The “wolf question” is one such example. 5G is another. Specific diet is a third. Religious belief, which of course is a far greater issue, is a fourth. I would like to say that, in all probability, every single member of the Resistance Movement has a well-founded opinion on all these issues, even if they may vary a little from person to person. What opinions people have is less important, as long as the various individuals have actually made an active and well-reasoned choice, and aren’t just unquestioningly going with the flow. One-hundred-percent correct choices relating to these and many other issues cannot really be made until the day National Socialists are in charge of society and have much greater control over research and production.

Even if I didn’t put it in those exact words, that was where my observations on Ledarperspektiv ended. What I perhaps should have added to avoid misunderstandings, and which I will therefore add in this article, are the following points:

The Resistance Movement has clear and unambiguous rules that must not be broken, rules that the majority of Nordic National Socialists have agreed upon – this is where we set the bar for what is OK and what is not. Examples of these rules are that all forms of illegal drugs, including anabolic steroids, are prohibited; that it is forbidden to lie to one’s comrades; and that one must exercise physically, according to his own ability.

Nordic Resistance Movement Activist Handbook
The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Activist Handbook

These rules constitute a contract into which all members of the Resistance Movement have entered, and wherein it is not OK to make our own personal choices. We have therefore jointly decided that if you do drugs, lie excessively to your comrades, or never get any exercise, we do not consider you to be a good enough National Socialist to join us, regardless of how much time you invest in the struggle for our people. Since these rules do not exist in all other areas, the same uncompromising approach does not apply to the use of aspartame, for example, or buying products from the globalist company Orkla.

Self-improvement is an important part of National Socialism that I often highlight – how you should always strive to become a better person, though naturally at a different intensity at different periods in your life. For example, this can involve training more, educating yourself in a subject, committing more time and energy to the struggle, or, for that matter, getting rid of some bad habit. The overall idea and objective is that if we members of the Resistance Movement become better individuals, the whole organisation will also become stronger. If individuals from the general populace become stronger, the whole nation will be better as a whole.

Of course, this philosophy of self-improvement does not in any way contradict what I wrote above. Person A may be actively working on self-improvement via physical exercise, but has made the choice that, in order to do this, he permits himself to consume protein powder containing aspartame, as other alternatives were not available where he shopped. Person B may, via active choices of self-improvement, have so much to do in the struggle and gainful employment right now that she does not have time to train actively, but she has at least chosen to bike to and from work instead of driving. In another form of self-improvement, Person C has chosen to start boycotting McDonalds and Coca Cola, but still allows himself to use nicotine.

Persons A, B and C are 100% National Socialists and active in the Nordic Resistance Movement. They deserve all the praise in the world and ought not to be looked down upon in any way. They live entirely according to the organisation’s rules, and they work on active self-improvement while making a difference in the struggle for our people.

This last point brings us to my closing and most important words of this whole article: No matter how much you work on self-improvement and whatever alternative choices you make in life – if you do not combine these with active struggle for our cause, all your self-improvement and all your alternative choices are completely meaningless. Without our struggle, our people will die out, and then EVERYTHING else is meaningless.