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Banner action and sandwich cake: National Day in Sweden’s Nest 4


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s National Day was celebrated in lower Norrland with the struggle and good food.

“This is our country!”

The activities began around midday, with a banner action over a suitable footbridge. Here, in honour of the day, the Swedish flag was flown alongside the organisation’s own familiar Tyr rune flags. The activity went smoothly, with the usual positive reactions from the public. However, a few people apparently took offence to our peaceful expression of opinion and called the police to see if they could interfere with the action.

The banner and flags in position

The police dutifully came out to investigate, but after a few short exchanges and questions, they determined nothing illegal was going on and left the activists in peace.

If you’re a police officer, it’s long been known you can park diagonally and against the flow of traffic

After a successful action, the comrades packed up and went to a park for a meal. On the menu was sandwich cake, homemade buns and appropriately decorated strawberry cake.

Some of the happy and hungry members!

When it started to rain, the group packed up for the day and went to a comrade’s house to seek shelter and continue socialising. When the rain stopped, they went outside and played kubb and ate the buns until the sun started to set and it was time to go home. A worthy celebration of our proud nation!