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Action reports – Week 3, 2021


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Nordic Resistance Movement White Lives Matter leaflet

Laser propaganda in Linköping

Central areas of Linköping were illuminated with beautiful green shimmering messages on the evening of 16 January. Both pedestrians and motorists could read the words of National Socialist wisdom on the city’s tallest buildings. In the city centre, many passers-by stopped to read messages such as “Crush capitalism!”, “Multiculturalism kills” and “Stop the alien invasion!”, which were projected onto a church tower and a restaurant façade.

The Nest 8 activists then relocated and illuminated a huge silo and a high-rise building with political messages. As a finale to the successful action, the façade of the city’s power station next to the E4 road was lit up with texts such as “Swedes, strike back!” and “Nordic revolution now!”, much to the delight of many motorists.

Nest 7 forest hiking and camping in the winter cold

On the weekend of 16–17 January, Nest 7 held a tough forest hike and overnight stay in the woods.

First, they selected a place on the map to navigate to using the map and a compass. Then the long, difficult hike began, with the participants carrying their own firewood with them.

When the group had arrived at the site, they set up camp and lit a fire. Afterwards the comrades had a good time in each other’s company, despite the severe cold.

The next morning, they walked back to the gathering place.

Martial arts training in Nest 2

Members and activists from across the Nest gathered to practise martial arts together on 16 January. The comrades were divided into different groups based on experience, with the slightly less experienced practising basic techniques consisting of different punching combos and footwork.

Those in the activist groups were shown no mercy and had to start immediately with sparring, which continually increased in level and difficulty.

At the end of the activity there was a lot of talk between the excited comrades, who were very satisfied with the training. Larger training sessions encompassing the whole Nest will be held regularly going forwards.

Monthly meeting in Nest 2

Comrades in Nest 2 gathered to hold their regular monthly meeting on 9 January. Before the meeting itself began, everyone had the opportunity to browse the items on the sales table, which included excellent hand-made products created by comrades.

After some time socialising and drinking coffee, it was time for the monthly meeting to start. All the group chiefs gave a report covering the activities since the last monthly meeting and what’s planned for the coming month. Broader plans for the new year were also presented, and new projects were detailed that will be announced in the near future.

After the monthly meeting, it was time for lunch. Everyone took the opportunity to eat plenty of the good food that was served. Comrades sat and discussed everything between heaven and earth, including insightful discussions about the coming year.

Leafleting in Vansbro Municipality

The Resistance Movement were once again in Vansbro on 17 January to deliver leaflets. A couple of hundred leaflets were distributed.

Leafleting in Karlstad

Approximately 400 leaflets were delivered to households in Romstad and Bellevue in Karlstad on 17 January.

Stickers in Örebro

Throughout January, many stickers were put up in large parts of Örebro by local members from Nest 8. Resistance Movement stickers are never far away wherever you go, and most of them stay up for a long time for everyone to see.

Leafleting in Valsansjöarna

Leaflets were delivered around Valsansjöarna, north of Borlänge, up to Leksand. Around 500 leaflets were distributed.

Leafleting in Tranås

Members were in Tranås again on 18 January, this time to deliver leaflets to the Bäcks neighbourhood.

Leafleting in Nyhammar

A member was in Nyhammar, Ludvika Municipality, on 18 January and delivered 100 leaflets to residents. The village is full of sympathisers!

Boxing in Karlstad

Member Group 2 from Nest 5 held boxing training in Karlstad on 7 January. The training started with a warm-up using skipping ropes, before the trainer went through a couple of boxing combos with a focus on mobility. The training ended with sparring.

Covid-19 posters in Bergen

Nest 3 placed Covid-19 posters in the area around Haukeland Hospital in Bergen.

Covid-19 posters in Kristiansand

Nest 2 put up large numbers of Covid-19 posters in Grim in Kristiansand.

Fitness training in Hordnesskogen

Members from Activist Group 302 spent a long day in Hordnesskogen engaging in fitness training. A total of 17.5km was covered.

Poster production in Eastern Norway

Nest 1 produced large posters that will be used in coming actions.

Activism in Skårup

Activists placed posters and stickers in Skårup.

Basic activism in Skrydstrup

Leaflets were distributed in Skrydstrup.

Activism in Østervrå

Activists placed stickers in Østervrå.