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Week of revolutionary election activism in Sweden’s Nest 5


ACTIVISM. Nest 5 arranged an open lecture event and conducted intensive activism on the streets in the last week before the election.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

Saturday, a week before the election

Ahead of the final week of the election campaign, the Nest arranged a Saturday full of activities, including two lectures focusing on the population replacement and the local election effort. In the morning, a public leaflet distribution was conducted in Grängesberg, where passers-by were met with an election tent full of propaganda. After two hours of conversations with local people, the activists packed up the tent and went to attend the lectures.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

The lectures were held at a lakeside location in a pleasant rustic venue. After announcing some general information, the emcee Pär Sjögren welcomed the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, to the podium. Lindberg’s talk asserted the existence of the population replacement from both a demographic and genetic perspective. Once the ideas of the population replacement as a “far-right conspiracy theory” had been debunked, and the audience had been encouraged to join the struggle against it, the emcee handed over to National Council member Pär Öberg.

The attendees were then given a summary of the candidates standing for election in Ludvika Municipality. After the listeners had been introduced to the Resistance Movement’s representatives, Öberg continued by describing the organisation’s municipal policies. Finally, there was a discussion and review of the corruption that is taking place in the municipality.

Simon Lindberg NRM lecture

Monday to Thursday

The majority of the week consisted of public leaflet distributions. With election tents, flags, placards and banners, the Movement’s activists and members spread propaganda to local residents. The whole municipality was effectively visited by public representatives from the organisation, with propaganda being spread all the way from Fredriksberg in the west to Nyhammar in the north and Grängesberg in the south.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

A lot of conversations with passers-by took place during the week. Because it was election time – and because the Resistance Movement is a regular sight in the municipality – there was actually an opportunity to discuss politics. This included everything from the Movement’s most basic ideological beliefs to the finer details of local government.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden


Friday generally followed the same course as the week’s earlier activities. The only difference was that a suspicious film crew snuck up on the activists and members present on the day. Led by the infamous media Jew Jan Scherman, they filmed the activity’s participants after Scherman spoke briefly with Pär Öberg. On the same day, independent National Socialist media conducted an interview with Öberg about the incident.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

The Saturday a day before the election

When Saturday arrived, it was time for the last activity of the election campaign. After many days of travelling around the various corners of the municipality, the Nest once again gathered in central Ludvika. The street presence was stronger than usual, as a group of comrades from nearby Nests had come to visit and participate.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

The day also included a surprise in the form of an election-inspired town square meeting. Shortly after lunchtime, the technical equipment was prepared and Pär Sjögren began to speak. During the course of the meeting, questions were asked to the election candidates Nicklas Norling and Pär Öberg about the situation in the municipality. Radical, innovative, National Socialist politics were broadcast from Ludvika’s town square as the Movement’s representatives had their say.

Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

After some troubadour music at the election tent to round off the action, the participants left the town centre for a shared meal. In the company of good friends, the attendees were thanked for all the work during the election campaign. Everyone left hopeful for National Socialism’s future in the country, whatever the election results.