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The struggle for our people is a marathon race


OPINION. Jimmy Thunlind shares his view on the way the struggle must be waged in order to reach our ultimate objective – a National Socialist Nordic Nation.

Not being a keen sportsman myself, some might think it strange that I choose to employ a sports metaphor in this text. However, I believe our struggle for a National Socialist North has many interesting parallels with the mental attitude required by a long-distance runner, and that this comparison can be an instructive one.

Succeeding in our struggle requires that we have a strong vision and a clear objective we want to attain. We must be convinced that we will achieve our objective, and we need to make all necessary efforts and preparations to be able to succeed.

It would be unrealistic to expect the struggle to be decided after a hundred metres, and to exhaust all energy and resources in a short-sighted venture. This would run the risk of our ever making it to our stated goal, or simply cause us to leave the struggle, dejected and burned out.

Instead the struggle demands long-sightedness, planning and endurance; it demands we be strong mentally and ideologically, and that we do not let ourselves be distracted by events around us or black-pilled naysayers.

The struggle requires that we live as National Socialists: that we make sensible choices in everyday life, that we contribute to the national community by supporting and encouraging our comrades, that we spread our positive message – not just via occasional official demonstrations or activities – but also privately to friends, at the workplace and on social media, that we fulfil our commitments within the National Socialist movement, and – last but not least – that we look after our loved ones and give our children a healthy, positive upbringing.

The struggle demands self-sacrifice and courage; it demands we be prepared to encounter resistance and adversity, and that we do not allow these to blind us to our ultimate goal.

The struggle requires humility – that we admit when we make mistakes, that we must sometimes make adjustments to our course, that we are not in possession of an incontrovertible “truth” in all matters, and even though all our comrades do not always reach the same conclusions and make the same choices as we do, that they are still our beloved kinsmen who fight for the same purpose.

The struggle requires loyalty, a quality that has become all too rare in the Zionist-indoctrinated world – loyalty to our people, loyalty to National Socialism as a concept and system, loyalty to our comrades, to our wives or husbands, and to the organisation which – via fanatical struggle – has led us to where we are today.

A balanced and focussed struggle will encompass a whole spectrum of activities, which will naturally vary from person to person depending on circumstances: studying, exercise, meetings, nature excursions, hobbies, social gatherings, propaganda distribution, spectacular and “autonomous” activities, expeditions, prepping, self-sufficiency, neighbourhood organising – everything imaginable that can forge us into optimistic fighters for our ultimate goal.

The struggle will never be won via irrelevant criticism of comrades, division or a sectarian mindset of chosenness or exclusion. Neither will an undermining of trust or questioning of dedicated comrades’ motives lead us a single step closer to our objective.

Our (((enemies))) are determined to stop our struggle and destroy our white race. They have already come a long way by successfully pacifying and brainwashing large swathes of our people into not offering any resistance. They have taken over our economy, our parliament and our courts of law. They have orchestrated a swift and ruthless racial replacement of our people. They have vitiated the people’s natural morals via the homo lobby and increasingly decadent, agenda-driven entertainment, et al.

Our (((enemies)))’s methods have always been those of subversion, conspiracy, lobbyism, defamation and lies. They are methods which every true National Socialist must shun like the plague and rise above by embodying the Aryan virtues: Strength, Honour, Loyalty, Duty and Comradeship.

Our fight for our people’s future is long from over. It is no hundred-metre race. It is a marathon in which only those who act wisely and with foresight will reach the finish line. And we will achieve our objective. There is no doubt about it. There is no alternative.