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Activist Marcus Hansson released from prison – Celebrates with banner action in Jönköping


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The comrade was picked up at the prison facility in Västervik and then immediately participated in activism.

The activist Marcus Hansson was released from prison on Monday morning, after being confined by the system in Västervik Prison in northeast Småland during the summer. He was imprisoned for protecting the organisation’s election posters from Reds during the election campaign in Örkelljunga in 2022. Hansson was welcomed by comrades in Nest 7, before they drove to Jönköping together to conduct activism.

Hansson, who will eventually serve another prison sentence related to self-defence during the election campaign, commented about his stay in prison:

Everything went well this time. I primarily chose to focus on three things: exercise, reading and writing. I decided not to watch any TV for the three months, so I got a lot of reading done, even if some of it was skim reading so it didn’t all stick in my memory.

Another project was to understand our pension system, which I now have a good overview of. However, some further studies will be needed on the outside before I can present the material from a dissident perspective.

Prison can be seen as a kind of training camp, and while I was there I improved my basic fitness, which I plan to develop further from now until my next prison sentence. I haven’t yet decided what I will undertake then, but I am eager to explore what science says about the male ego, or perhaps write a historical account of how Britain lost its position as the dominant world power to the USA.

Once in Jönköping the Resistance men met up with comrades from Nest 3 and conducted a banner action above the E4 motorway. The activity went well and drew many positive reactions. After standing on the bridge for a while, they concluded the activity and thanked one another for the day.

Welcome back to relative freedom and the National Socialist struggle, Marcus Hansson!